Why Would Instagram Disable an Account?

July 12, 2022

Working on Instagram is today an essential thing for lots of people. Even big enterprises launch their Instagram accounts to acquire the audience’s interest. Yet sometimes, Instagram rules are especially severe when it is going about their breaking. In these cases, it will be no surprise to get an Instagram ‘your account may be deleted’ message. Lots of people wonder what to do when Instagram disabled my account and how to avoid this. With Royalgram, we’ve decided to get through these questions. Let’s discuss what to do if my IG account is disabled and what are the reasons for Instagram owners to disable the accounts of users.

Some Reasons for Disabling Accounts on Instagram

Living without breaking the rules is not so difficult. But sometimes for Instagram owners, the full implementation of the rules of the service is still pointless, and their accounts are disabled. For many users, the question of why was my Instagram account disabled is vital because their business depends entirely on maintaining an Instagram account.

Why can Instagram disable your account?

  • The first reason is that you violated the community norms with your publications. Instagram’s policies state exactly what type of content is not allowed. For example, these are images of a naked body or content that calls for hatred and violence. Even if you were just joking, Instagram may consider your post potentially dangerous and block you.
  • The second reason is that you left a comment that violates community norms. Even if you yourself did not publish anything reprehensible, you may well pay for an infringing comment.
  • The third reason is that other users complained about you. Perhaps these are just the intrigues of competitors but it may well be that someone saw something dangerous and violating in your publications.
  • It may turn out that your Instagram account is disabled for no reason. This also happens if the moderators of the Instagram community saw any violation in your actions.

Why Was My IG Account Disabled Right After I’ve Created It

There is also a poor issue when a newly created account is disabled even before the start of its use. The owner may ask why is my Instagram account disabled? There may be various reasons for this. We can name several of them right now.

  • You have violated the rules of the Instagram community when registering. For example, by choosing a login name that is offensive or could be called so.
  • You have used a registration email that earlier was suspected to be violating the norms of the platform.
  • Your profile information is listed with violations.

In lots of cases, you cannot even comprehend exactly how many violations before Instagram deletes an account so you shouldn’t be surprised with such a reaction from the platform on your registration. In case you need an account with an impeccable reputation and a perfect style in its niche, it is Royalgram that may help you with it. Get the account you wish from Royalgram and have no problems with how to get a disabled Instagram account back.

How Long Will It Take to Reactivate My Disabled Instagram Account

In case the disaster already has happened, there is good news as it won’t take long to enable your account again. Of course, if you are not a recurring violator of rules. What to do when Instagram disabled my account, you may ask. Everything is simple enough. For the start, you need to define why did it happen. As usual, when you violate rules, Instagram administration notifies you about it, That is, better regularly check your DM not to miss a letter from Instagram. How to check Instagram violations? You’ll be notified about them by the IG team.

Then, if you consider that disabling your account was a mistake, you need to submit an appeal to the officials of Instagram. You can submit a claim on the official Instagram Help page by sending it in a standard form offered on the website. If you consider your disabled account was blocked mistakenly, submit this in your letter with less apologizing as it may prove you have done something wrong.

One more tip you should follow is being persistent. As we cannot say after how many violations Instagram deletes accounts but we can say that if you apply for an enabling of the account on help.instagram.com and have no response in a few days, repeat it again and again.

One more option you should be aware of is the reactivation of an Instagram account by a user. This option was developed for users who want to take a break from using Instagram and it means temporarily blocking an account. When you get your account disabled please prove you haven’t blocked it yourself.

In case you really violated rules and your account was disabled for a reason, you can ask the question how can I get my Instagram back after being disabled to the service administration. Begging pardons always brings results in that case. As usual, blocks are not long-lasting and Instagram willingly helps users to get their accounts back.

How to Avoid Instagram Disabling of an Account?

Let’s also get answers to the most common questions on how to avoid disabling the account.

Q: Does reporting an Instagram account delete it?
A: Reports are methods to fight violation issues. Yet a single report can be useless. We cannot say how many reports to get banned on Instagram you need but it is better not to act so to get them from your followers or users passing by.

Q: Is it real to get a good reputation back after my account was disabled?
A: There are no special traits to mark your account as being disabled. But you can lose lots of opportunities while being banned. So it is better not to get disabled on this social network.

Q: Are all the reports taken into account?
A: No, there is a possibility also to get your account reported without a reason. That’s why the Instagram administration thoroughly evaluates each report it gets.

Q: How many warnings does Instagram give you before disabling your account?
A: Each case is different as the number of warnings matters less than the type of violations you’ve made.

We hope that our information will be useful for your successful activity on Instagram. We wish you not to be disabled by Instagram ever and to gain as much profit from this social network as you could.


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