Why do People Buy and Sell Instagram Accounts?

November 16, 2021

To succeed and achieve the set goals in social media, new brands and even well-known companies often buy Instagram account or fake activity (likes, followers, comments). Websites, where you may buy Instagram accounts (including Royalgram), enjoy great popularity among buyers from various countries for already several years. But what is the reason? Why do people sell and buy accounts? We decided to reveal this in the article.

Why Do People Sell Instagram Accounts?

The answer is quite simple. Where there is demand, there will be supply. Promotion on Instagram became a great and important area of business. Therefore, appearance of account sellers and even the whole websites specialized in this is probably quite natural.

As to individual sellers, the main reasons for sale are obvious:

  • user developed an Instagram account well, but has no more time or enough enthusiasm for this;
  • user intentionally invested time and money in the account to sell it profitably.

There are also fraudsters who decided to make a quick dollar by selling accounts with bots and bought followers. The good news is that such accounts are easy to single out if analyze the activity of the audience and the followers themselves.

Why Do People Buy Instagram Accounts?

With social media, everyone now has round-a-clock access to a big audience, however, this is the reason it is so hard to reach the target segment today. Many users, brands, and companies also want to reach it. It is easy for new accounts to get lost (or even hard not to get lost) in this noise. It is much easier for an account with several thousand followers to make a case for itself. Why?

  • such accounts hit the top by hashtags much faster and stay in Explore section longer;
  • such accounts gather new audience faster, since people follow something that has already reached some popularity;
  • such accounts inspire the trust of the audience;
  • developed accounts are easier to monetize.

Honestly speaking, the answer to the question “Why do people buy Instagram accounts?” is a simple phrase. People usually pay money for accounts to earn more money later. And this works.

We can also draw a parallel with buying a business. The businessmen who do not want to start the business from scratch may buy a ready business with an established operating process and continue the work of the predecessor or make own adjustments. The picture is similar in the area of Instagram accounts. However, here, new owners generally adjust purchased accounts to their brands.

Buying an Account is Just the Beginning

One should understand that it is not enough to buy an account. It is not a magical page that will immediately bring incredible sales. You must carry out account rebranding, find approach to current followers and gradually gather more relevant target audience.

Read more how to promote account after purchase here.

What Instagram Accounts May be Sold and Purchased?

Not all pages are equally suitable for purchase and sale. For example, it is better not to use personal pages with photos of the owner for this purpose. The opposite situation is with themed accounts, since in this case it doesn’t matter who is the account owner. The people follow to receive content related to the account theme.

For example, people interested in traveling gladly follow travel accounts. If you want to promote a travel agency on Instagram, you will easily maintain interest of the audience and offer your services for travelers.

Photography, fashion, beauty, fitness, sports, and business spheres are also good for monetization.

How to Select Instagram Account?

As we talked above, it is important to select a niche that will be maximally close to your business/brand. But that’s not all.

The biggest indicator for purchase of account is engagement rate. Pay attention to the number of likes and comments on posts in the account. Also look through the page followers. In addition, ask the seller all you are interested in.

And most importantly, choose proven sellers. Avoid offers on forums or in social media, especially when you know nothing about the seller. A good option is to make purchase on the websites that gained reputation in the area of selling Instagram accounts for years.

See more recommendations on selection of account here.

You can also buy Instagram account on Royalgram. We always send a link to the account after your request, so you can analyze data of the page, and we answer all your questions. You can see our feedbacks on the home page or on Trustpilot independent platform.

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12 months ago.

Selling accounts is a common practice when the user has developed an account but no longer has time or enthusiasm to manage it, or when the user intentionally invests time and money in the account to sell it profitably. However, there are also fraudsters who sell accounts with bots and bought followers. On the other hand, people buy Instagram accounts to reach a large audience quickly, gather new audience faster, and inspire trust in the audience. Moreover, developed accounts are easier to monetize.



1 year ago.

Where there is demand, there is supply. Someone is looking for a network audience, someone is a readership, someone is selling, someone is buying. normal business process



1 year ago.

really interesting information, I had a fan account about the Turkish series and your post was very helpful. Thanks 😊



1 year ago.

Very interesting article, a lot of useful information, and I think that many will be interested, since everything on the topic is described. Great, thank you