Why am I Suddenly Getting Less Likes on Instagram in 2021

March 14, 2021

If you’ve noticed that the activity on your Instagram page has changed dramatically for the worse, this article is for you. You will also find some useful information if you feel your account is not receiving proper attention.

Why is my Instagram Likes Decreasing

Often, Instagram likes dropped suddenly and well-developed accounts lose the activity. This phenomenon may occur due to numerous reasons.

  • Using bots. If you have used programs to cheat likes, followers, comments or other activity and relied too much on this method of “promotion”, you may be disappointed. The fact is that Instagram is actively fighting against automated user operations and massively blocking suspicious accounts. Blocking of various services and the entire database of bots appears to be even more annoying. In this case, all the bot activity will simply disappear, leaving the picture of actual activity, or even worse. So, this can be the reason for the sudden drop in instagram engagement
  • Instagram shadowban. Users often complain about incomprehensible bans from Instagram. Social network algorithms may interpret any changes in your profile activity as suspicious. Thus, you can suddenly fall into the Instagram shadowban. For example, that happens when your post has caused a resonance among the audience. The good news is that such a ban usually lasts a few days or weeks. Most likely, your activity and engagement will soon resume. More about shadowban read here.
  • Changes in Instagram algorithms. Instagram algorithms are constantly being improved and updated. Information on some modifications appears in the official news, while we can only guess about other updates. The only solution to this issue is to closely monitor the situation and test various hypotheses about your sudden drop in Instagram likes. More about Instagram algorithms in 2021 read here.
  • Hashtag problems. Hashtags can help promote your page quite significantly. However, their improper use can only worsen the situation. This method requires a responsible approach.

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Why Am I Suddenly Getting Less Likes from Hashtags

No likes from hashtags on Instagram? To avoid a sudden drop in Instagram engagement, follow these guidelines:

  • Use a variety of hashtags, not the same ones.
  • Choose hashtags of different frequencies. Phrases of medium popularity are preferable.
  • Avoid hashtags that are too general or very popular. In most cases, they do not work, and can even damage the account.
  • If you used to get good activity metrics due to certain hashtags, and then notice a radically different situation, it may mean that some hashtags have been banned and no longer work. In this case, test your own hypotheses by combining hashtags and rejecting the ineffective ones.

Find more information in our article How to Use Hashtags on Instagram for More Followers.

Why Do Videos Get Less Likes on Instagram

Instagram users often notice that their videos receive fewer likes than photos, even if they publish high-quality and interesting videos. This has a logical explanation. The fact is that watching a video takes much longer than a photo. It will take a second for the person to understand and evaluate the photo and another second to like it. Instead, it takes at least 30 seconds to understand what’s going on in the video. In addition, after watching the video, users often just forget to like it.

But even if your videos get less likes than photos, that doesn’t mean you don’t need to post videos. You should! It may get fewer likes, but according to statistics, video receives up to 21% more interactions than images on Instagram. In 2021, there are more and more opportunities to create quality video content that may interest visitors. It is especially important to publish videos for Instagram stores and brands for which it is important to show the aesthetics and practicality of their products.

Why is my Instagram Reach so Low

“Why is my reach so low on Instagram” – often ask users. The following aspects can cause both a sharp jump in activity and the actual absence of any development.

  • Irregular posting. This aspect is important in both technical and behavioral aspects. Perhaps you’d agree that following the pages that offer content on a regular basis is much more entertaining. We start waiting for the updates and seem to be “attached” to certain bloggers, brands or projects. If you disappear from your followers’ feed for a long time, many of them will simply forget about your existence. The same applies to an unexpected increase in activity. If you suddenly get a lot of inspiration and feel eager to publish 10 posts at once, Instagram simply will not show most of them. And social network users themselves are not very loyal to spam and such influxes of author’s inspiration. Establish the necessary regularity, form a content plan and stick to it. If you want to change the update rate, it is better to do it gradually.
  • Content issues. Often, account owners find it difficult to admit that the biggest problem with their unpopularity is poor quality content. We should clarify that this is not about the popularity of the topic. It is clear that some topics may be relevant for most people, while others remain niche and unpopular, but this does not make them less interesting. On the other hand, the perception of visual and informational content is a very subjective thing. The same thing may catch the interest of some people but be rejected by others, or leave them indifferent. Your task is not to please everyone, but to find the right approach to your own target audience. Here, of great importance are the general aspects (your goals, values, original ideas, interaction formats), design (photos/images quality, colors, the general look of the account feed, uniqueness of illustrations, character of the represented objects, communication with the audience through images), texts (literacy, style, relevance to the target audience, uniqueness, originality, appropriateness, etc.).
  • Lack of interaction with the audience. Another common mistake among page owners is to focus entirely on their own content and stay indifferent to the audience and the resources with similar topics. In this case, you act like a person who came to the party in beautiful clothes, with an interesting hairstyle, designer jewelry and even a whole stock of fun stories, but is hiding behind the couch and waiting for the guests to pay attention to her. What to do instead? Go to the center of events, offer your own vision of situations, speak, respond to comments and comment on the posts of your current and potential followers, leave comments on the pages that your audience may be visiting… Finally, have a glass of punch and dance at the bar counter. After all, it’s a party rather than a gathering of narcissists and misanthropes. Attract attention by paying attention to others.
  • Lack of promotion strategy. If you are trying to follow the general tips of Instagram marketing unsystematically, it also will not work in most cases. To truly gain the audience’s affection and hold their attention for a long time, you first need to understand many things: features of your target audience, their problems, your own pros and cons, goals and much more. Then, based on this data, you can develop a promotion strategy (positioning, content style, formats, number and time of posts, etc.).
  • Ignoring various promotion methods. Instagram provides a lot of opportunities to promote a page, but it takes a lot of time even to study their features, let alone the promotion itself. However, if you want to form a target audience around your blog, brand or business, you will need patience, a lot of knowledge and skills that come with experience.

If you have just started to develop an account and got stuck at a certain stage due to lack of time, perhaps a much better solution would be to buy a ready-made account. To choose an account according to your purposes, have a look at our catalog. We have

Why the purchased account is not developing

Usually, the purchased high-quality accounts are easier to develop than the new ones. We emphasize the feature of “quality” because if you come across an unscrupulous seller who claims that artificial bot activity is an actual activity, it is very unlikely to somehow help your brand. The other possible reasons for stopping the development may include a ban due to some drastic account changes (deletion of all posts, mass unfollows from your side, a large number of posts, etc.). That is why we recommend doing everything gradually and moderately. Find some other tips in our article “How to Promote Instagram Page after Purchase”.

As for other development aspects, they are identical to those we have already described above. When buying an account, you get a big advantage for the page growth and the benefits of a certain number of followers (the ability to attach links in stories, the trust of the audience, some excitement, etc.), and then everything is up to you!



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I believe that Instagram has become less popular in 2021. There have been many social networks with which it is difficult to compete, the same tik tok.



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I think my competitors are playing unfairly and add to my account a lot of fake likes 🙁 Is it a danger for my page?