What is a Good Engagement Rate for Instagram in 2021

June 2, 2021

Instagram engagement rate is an important indicator that needs to be particularly considered when buying an account. Also, ER calculation can be of use in other cases: for the effective promotion of business or personal blog on Instagram. In this article, we will tell you what engagement rate is and how to calculate it. In addition, we will find out what ER is considered good for Instagram.

What is Engagement Rate (ER)

Engagement Rate is an index expressing the level of interaction of audience with your posts. In other words, it is the correlation between the number of followers and their interest in your content expressed with likes and the followers’ comments. The higher the ER, the better and more effective your interaction with the audience is.

ER formula will help understand if you have chosen the right approach to attracting Instagram users, reveal the soft spots in promotion, reflect the activity level of the audience, or, alternatively, its staying at distance. Also, it is important to consider this rate when buying an Instagram account. Indeed, ER, unlike the number of followers, does not simply indicate the number of users who clicked on the “Follow” button on your account, but the actual interest in your profile and content.

How to calculate Engagement Rate for Instagram

There are several formulas for ER calculation, as well as many discussions about the informative value of each of them. We offer a formula for which only the shared data are required and which will be of use when choosing an account on our website.

Thus, to calculate ER, the total number of comments and likes under the post should be divided by the number of followers and then multiplied by 100.

ER = (likes + comments) / followers x 100

This way, you may find out the ER of a separate post (in order to define the most effective methods of communication with the target audience) as well as of your profile on the whole. To calculate the average ER for an Instagram account, summarize the data indicated in the formula from the latest 12 posts.

Also, there are other formulas for the calculation of ER for Instagram taking into account the number of savings, or the reach indicators instead of the number of followers. They can provide a more comprehensive picture, but they do not work for the calculation of ER of the accounts of other people. That is why we offer using the formula mentioned above.

What is a Good Engagement Rate for Instagram

In general, you can focus on such numbers:

  • less than 1% – low engagement rate
  • 1 -3.5% – average engagement rate
  • 3.5-6% – high engagement rate
  • more than 6% – excellent engagement rate

But a good ER is not a stable indicator. It depends on many factors: the profile topic, your targets, etc. Also, it is important to note that the ER always decreases when the followers number grows, and this is quite normal. If you take into account the number of followers, we get the following information:

  • 10–20% – the good engagement rate for the accounts with an audience from 5 to 10 thousands followers;
  • up to 5% – the good engagement rate for the accounts with an audience of over 10k followers;
  • up to 3% – the good engagement rate for the accounts with an audience of over 100k followers;
  • up to 1% – the good engagement rate for the accounts with an audience of over 1 mln followers.

You can use these data of average Instagram engagement rate as a reference while analyzing an Instagram account listed for sale. If you are analyzing the activity level of your own account, you should consider its specifics and your targets when estimating the ER.

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And finally…

On our website, you can buy an Instagram account with the required number of followers. On each account page, you will find all the data for ER calculation, so you can be sure in the quality and the organic nature of our accounts. We will be happy to provide you with the access to large audience for the implementation of new ideas.


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