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Buy travel Instagram account on Royalgram to speed up the growth of your blog/company.

Traveling is one of the hobbies that make people mad all around the world. Some prefer to plan their trips themselves and travel everywhere they want while others love just following traveling accounts on Instagram to see spectacular photos made by other travelers.

No need to say that travel Instagram accounts get millions of followers. That is a win-win option for almost every blogger who wants to get both popularity and money with their Instagram accounts. There are lots of ideas on how to start a travel Instagram but all of them require either time or money or even both. Just imagine that you want to start your travel Instagram account from scratch. You need to travel, gather visual content, involve the audience, etc. There is an idea for you in that case. Royalgram offers you to buy travel Instagram account with a big number of followers.

What Are Travel Instagram Accounts

If you have looked at the travel blogger’s Instagram account at least once, you have probably noted the main features of this direction in blogging.

  • Beautiful and attractive travel photos. Bright and sometimes even exotic content catches the eye of the audience.
  • Stories and videos made in new countries during interesting events.
    Interesting descriptions of new places and countries. Travel blogging is not only visual design but also text descriptions that can attract new followers to you.
  • Constant change of geolocation. The trick of travel blogging is that the account is constantly updated with new geolocations.

In addition, travel bloggers on Instagram often advertise special travel products, promote brands of travel products or travel agencies, and work in collaboration with airlines and carriers. All this allows you to earn good money on successful travel accounts on Instagram.

Benefits of an Established Travel Account on Instagram

Choose one of the travel Instagram accounts for sale, and you`ll be able easily to start working with a ready-made database.

Starting a travel account from scratch is not easy. This requires a lot of investment and time, at least in collecting information and visual content for posts and stories. Ready-made travel Instagram  account offers:

  • A ready-made audience that is subscribed to your account.
  • Already developed a style of posts and stories, a ready-made pool of photos in old posts.
  • The reputation of a travel blogger that you don’t have to work on.

All this will allow you to reduce investments in your account and start earning with a ready-made platform for your travel posts.

What Travel Accounts Are Available for Sale on Royalgram

On Royalgram, we offer to buy travel Instagram accounts in a wide range of options including the following ones:

  • Cheap travel accounts with <1k followers devoted to the most interesting countries like the USA or Australia and their more developed analogs with an audience of 100k-500k
  • European travel accounts with an audience from <1k up to 500k
    Middle-Eastern travel accounts focused on Dubai and other touristic locations

Besides, you can choose accounts that have a certain style and color scheme to the best matching your goals and expectations from travel accounts on Instagram.

Get your best chance to start a successful travel blog on Instagram with Royalgram!