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50k Instagram Account for Sale Benefits

If you don’t have enough time to promote the Instagram page yourself, you can buy a ready-made 50k Instagram account on Royalgram. A 50k followers page will help you grow your business faster, and soon you will be able to communicate with a large audience.

It’s a good choice for different brands to buy a 50k Instagram account. This way, you’ll get a considerable number of potential customers/buyers. It won’t be your real target audience, but just a useful tool for getting it faster. In the future, you will be able to develop your account yourself and achieve new goals on Instagram.

How much is a 50K Instagram Account Worth?

The price of Instagram accounts is usually $400-700, but it depends on many characteristics, not just on the number of followers. For example, you will pay much more for USA-based followers. However, such an audience will be more solvent.

How to choose and buy Instagram account with 50k followers?

It is important to understand the purpose of your future account. After all, in one case it is enough to buy Instagram account with cheap followers, in another situation the best solution would be to buy a quality expensive account. Usually, you need to pay attention to:

  • Number of followers. Our experience has shown, that the most popular are accounts, which have from 10k followers to 50k followers. However, users also often buy small pages or even pages with 1m followers.
  • Engagement rate. This is an indicator of account activity. Read more about what is good engagement on Instagram in our article.
  • Niche. Choose the niche that is the closest to your business, personal blog, or other goals. In this way, you will get an interested audience and a minimum amount of unfollows.
  • Followers’ location. If it is possible, choose the country you are concentrated. In other cases, note that the most expensive are accounts with followers from the USA, England, California, Australia, etc. Whereas, accounts with mixed country followers are much cheaper.

Remember, every situation is special. For some buyers, the number of followers is the most important characteristic. For example, Instagram clothing stores find it much easier to get orders, a lot of new followers, and audience loyalty if they already have 50,000 followers. In other cases, you need to be more careful when choosing an account and weigh all the characteristics.

Buy 50k Instagram Account on Royalgram

We offer Instagram accounts for every budget. We have developed numerous accounts from scratch, and we are proud of their quality and popularity. Not only that, but we buy other accounts from our partners and reorganize them in order to bring the maximum benefit to the next buyer. We may also find an account specifically for you if you choose this option.

Buy 50k Instagram account on Royalgram. You will get fast technical support, fair prices, and a quality product.