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You probably know that Jennifer Aniston got her million followers on Instagram in five hours. At the same time, Harry Potter actor Rupert Grint reached his million in four hours. And K-pop musician Taeil did it in one hour and 40 minutes after the first post.

That is amazing! But you can do it even faster. We offer you to buy 1 million Instagram account for sale for your business or personal blog. So in less than an hour, you can start using your new account.

Of course, 1 million account for sale cannot immediately make you as popular as Jennifer Aniston, but you will get an effective tool to promote your business or blog on Instagram.

Please note that Instagram accounts with 1 million followers usually are selling really fast, so on this page, you may not find available accounts. However, you can order an account, and we will try to find it for you.

Is Buying Account Worth It?

Absolutely yes, if you know how to use this tool to your advantage. The fact is, that you will need to work hard on your account even after the purchase, but you will be able to achieve your goals much faster than if you did everything from scratch.

Other benefits of a 1m account for sale are:

  • the account gets to the TOP of Explore Page faster;
  • Instagram’s users are more likely to follow popular accounts;
  • the audience is more loyal to such accounts;
  • sales are faster;
  • you can sell advertising and make money;
  • you will get access to a large audience and will be able to form and learn about your target audience.

1 million Instagram accounts open up many opportunities to achieve your goals.

How much is 1 million Instagram Accounts?

We offer Instagram accounts for sale to different tastes and budgets. And the price of the account depends on many characteristics. You can buy cheap Instagram accounts with 1 million followers that cost near $4,000 – $5,000. Such accounts typically cover many mixed-countries followers or followers from Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

You can also buy quality accounts, the price of which can reach $100,000. However, these accounts are the most effective and bring a lot of benefits to the business.

Buy Instagram Accounts on Royalgram

On Royalgram you can buy active Instagram accounts with different quantities of followers. We started developing a large number of accounts in 2014, and now we offer them to you. Also, in our catalog, you will find accounts of our partners. We buy these accounts and maintain them for some time to offer you the best quality and good price of Instagram pages.

At the moment, we are the sole owner of all accounts that are placed in the catalog. So, you will always receive informational support, and we are always ready to answer all your questions. In addition, we are ready to make discounts and find a compromise with our customers. After purchase, you will receive all credentials needed to take full control of your account. And we will no longer be able to access the page. This is for your confidence in the security and reliability of your account.

An amazing Instagram journey awaits you when you`ll buy Instagram account with 1 million followers. Please continue to develop your account to the maximum benefit. Publish your best content, appreciate your followers and be patient. And we wish you good luck!