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Social media give you a lot of opportunities for business promotion. Yes, now you have access to a large audience through your tiny smartphone or laptop with Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, or other networks. So, it is very important to know how to utilize social media technologies. However, it is very difficult to promote an Instagram account in 2021, especially for commercial purposes.
But here is good news! It is the hardest in the beginning. Once you’ve gain 10,000 followers on Instagram, your account will start growing much faster. And you’ll need to continue using social media strategies to gain 100k followers or more.

How to reach 10k followers on Instagram

Nothing is impossible but to be honest, you will have a lot of work on your account. What you need is:

  • your Instagram marketing strategy
  • brand story and aesthetic
  • high-quality content
  • regular daily publications (post, stories. Reels, IGTV)
  • relevant hashtags
  • interaction with the target audience (daily likes, comments, etc.)
  • advertising campaign on Instagram

However, even this may not be enough if you start developing your account from scratch. That is why we recommend buying an Instagram account with 10k followers and continue to develop it for your goals.

10k Instagram Account for Sale Benefits

Only 10% of users have Instagram accounts with 10k followers. We offer ready-made accounts that will help you introduce your business to your target audience.

Of course, the number of your followers is not critical. You need to consider the engagement rate, the location of followers, and other characteristics as well. But 10k followers Instagram accounts open up many benefits:

  • the trust of visitors;
  • the possibility of getting to the top by hashtags;
  • the faster account growth;
  • the communication with a larger target audience.

Also, 10k Instagram Account for Sale has an additional useful feature. If you hit 10k followers, you will have a swipe-up function on instastories. This means you will be able to add a clickable link on instastories. This feature improves the advertising and promotion opportunities for your brand.

10k Instagram Account Price

The prices of similar accounts with 10k followers can differ significantly. It depends on the niche, engagement rate, followers’ location, and other characteristics. In general, the price of such accounts starts from $120 and can reach tens of thousands dollars. Usually, a 10k Instagram account costs between $100 and $600.

IG pages for sale on Royalgram

On our website you can buy an Instagram account with 10k followers and then rebrand it for your business or blog. We have been promoting a lot of Instagram accounts since 2014, and now we offer them for sale. So, Royalgram is the sole owner of all the accounts for sale that are presented on our website.

You can choose a cheap 10k Instagram account with mixed country followers or a high-quality account. Both solutions can benefit your business if you know what to do with your accounts after the purchase.

We use different payment methods, but many payment systems refuse to support the sale of Instagram accounts. Therefore, the most stable method of payment is bitcoin. We are always looking for new solutions to offer you the best and most convenient payment process.

To confirm our security and quality, we always ask our buyers to leave an honest review about Royalgram on our website or on Trustpilot. You can read all the reviews and then choose an Instagram account with 10k followers for sale.

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