10-20k Instagram Accounts for Sale

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10-20k Instagram Account for Sale Benefits

Only 10% of Instagram users have accounts with more than 10 thousand followers. We offer ready-made accounts that will help you introduce your business to your target audience.

Of course, the number of your followers is not critical. You need to consider the engagement rate, the location of followers, and other characteristics as well. But 10k followers Instagram accounts open up many benefits:

  • the trust of visitors;
  • the possibility of getting to the top by hashtags;
  • the faster account growth;
  • the communication with a larger target audience.

Also, 10k Instagram Account for Sale has an additional useful feature. If you hit 10k followers, you will have a swipe-up function on instastories. This means you will be able to add a clickable link on instastories. This feature improves the advertising and promotion opportunities for your brand.