Starting Your Blog on Instagram in 2022: Main Tips to Follow

June 8, 2022

We are pretty sure that you search on how to start a blog on Instagram and make it popular if you are reading this article. Trendy content gathers hundred of tons of likes and dozens of tons of subscribers. Yet not all Instagram users achieve so overwhelming results. What are the features and secrets on how to create a blog on Instagram that will be popular and interesting to an audience? Let’s talk about it in detail.

Making a Perfect Start on Instagram: 5 Basic Steps

When you are at the very start, you need to think a bit about what do you want from your Instagram blog? Will it be intended to provide useful information, or it will contain just aesthetic content to admire? So what to do in advance before you register and how to start a blog on Instagram and get paid for it.

  • Provide research on the audience you want to interest. Some Instagram blogs are interesting for housewives while others may be attractive for gym haunters. Some people like children on Instagram photos while others may get bored of the content like that. So choosing the audience is your first step.
  • Choose the topic. It may be something you are also interested in or your casual everyday blog. The most popular topics, by the way, are foods, pets, automobiles, fashion, traveling, wildlife, and children. Yet you can find a narrower niche and become its pioneer.
  • Look at similar-themed blogs. Evaluate what bright sides they have and what is wrong with them. It may help you to understand how to write an Instagram post more interestingly.
  • Check out your equipment. For good visual content, you may need a good camera. Or at least choose the sources for inspiration or references to use in your posts.
  • Check out the most popular hashtags that you can use in your posts. You can choose several dozens of commonly used hashtags and add to them several that depict your blog and are authored by you.
  • Come up with a name you choose for your account. Besides its uniqueness, it should also be relevant to your personality and the topic of your blog.

After all these steps are done, you can go further. And the next stage will be learning how to write an Instagram post.

Main Tips About Instagram Skills You May Need

So you have chosen the topic. There are several peculiarities of various blog types. For example, when you learn how to start a food blog on Instagram, you should pay attention to your cooking skills and photography skills at once. People love good-looking food photos and working recipes. At least, you can delegate one of these functions to a pro.

If you think about how to start fashion blogging on Instagram, the main ingredient in this cocktail will be your interest in fashion and knowledge about it. For this type of blogging, you can use photos published on the Internet for free access. But your ow

For the ideas on how to start a travel blog on Instagram, you may need both photography skills and your experience in traveling. Do not start with it if you haven’t been elsewhere but your native city. Yet you can capture a brand new idea on how to start a travel Instagram just by choosing your native city’s unexplored places to highlight on it. Maybe it will work even more brilliantly than copying successful travel bloggers.
n writing skills will be needed.

So the idea is clear: for each topic you need special skills and knowledge to be recognized as an expert. By the way, sometimes, it is worth starting with a diary-like blog about your routines: this is also interesting for people due to the effect of peeping through the keyhole.

Main Tips About Instagram Skills You May Need

Technical Tips on How to Write a Post on Instagram

When you learn how to become a blogger on Instagram, you need to start with the basics. What does it take for an account to be successful?

  • Completed bio. You can place a brief about yourself and your blog there and regularly add links to the most relevant posts or stories. A blog without a bio will be unsustainable to the audience.
  • Visual content. This is the foundation for any user, whether you’re learning how to start food blogging on Instagram or blogging about floriculture, or your pets. Clear and beautiful photos, arts, or videos should be mandatory.
  • Text content is equally important. You can, of course, make posts with only hashtags, but if you also accompany them with the author’s text, the chances of success will increase.
  • Stories. Today it is difficult to imagine an Instagram account without stories. Remember this.
  • Update frequency. Writing one post a month is not enough. This luxury is only available to super-popular bloggers and celebrities whose posts will still collect millions of likes. If your name is not Rihanna or Kim Kardashian, it is better to generate content more often.

After that, let’s talk about technical features you should also adhere to.

Instagram Technical Features

Before learning how to write a post on Instagram, decide on a toolkit. You may need:

Content plan. This is the post and story schedule you will follow. You can decide in advance on topics and content structure, and make a plan for a month or a week. This will help to organize it and not repeat it.

Tools for publishing posts. For example, planners. You can create an account, upload ready-made posts with hashtags and photos or stories to the planner, and then set the time for their publication. This will free up your time, give you the opportunity not to be tied to the time schedule of publications, and at the same time, it will give you the opportunity not to think about trifles, for example, how to write a caption on the Instagram photo.

Tools for checking grammar and uniqueness. This is a toolkit for any SMM or SEO specialist. Literacy and uniqueness is the key to your success.

Manuals by Instagram bloggers. Even if you have no idea how to add text to an Instagram post, you can get it easily in these manuals.

You can add something else to this toolkit, depending on the specifics and goals of your blog. For example, you can use a parser and scraping tool to search for subscribers, mass mailings, or algorithms for automated responses to Direct.

How to Earn Money on Instagram

We think you want not just fame but also money. And it is quite possible to earn them on your Instagram. Choose one of the options or cover them all!

  • Sell ads on your blog. For the mention of a particular product, seller or company, you can make a profit. Search among friends or contact businesses directly. Even if you get 100 rejections, 101 might work, and then the snowball effect will follow.
  • Sell your photos or art if your blog is dedicated to it.
  • Develop custom courses or leadership programs. If you run a food blog, make a recipe course and sell it to your followers.
  • Get donations. People pay for interesting content! If your followers are excited about your blog, monetize that excitement.
  • Sell your services or open a store. Everything is real even in the face of competition on Instagram. Even video tutorials on how to write different captions on multiple photos on Instagram can be your source of income.

The most important thing to remember for novice bloggers in 2022. Don’t be afraid to start! Instagram can become your successful career! Don’t be afraid to learn, start over, be on the lookout for new ideas, or use effective ideas from other bloggers. Everything is possible, especially since you can create an account on Instagram for free, and then it all depends on your desire and perseverance.

In addition, there are many opportunities to help you get started. For example, in our catalog you can buy an Instagram account with a ready-made audience. So in just a few minutes, you get a ready-made platform to make your dreams come true.

One step is more powerful than 100 intentions.


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