Should You Use Instagram for Business in 2022

August 1, 2022

Making business requires actual solutions to go ahead of competitors. Today, there is almost no niche where having an Instagram account for business will be unnecessary. Lots of pros promote their skills and offer via that social network gaining popularity and, thus, income from their audience.

Some may say that there are millions making business on Instagram so the competition is high enough. Yet Instagram marketing works and you can still get lots of profit from promoting your business on this social network. So let’s talk deeper about business accounts on Instagram. What are they? How you can use them? And how to start corporate Instagram accounts with success.

Business Accounts on Instagram – What Are They

The first thing to consider is what is an Instagram business account. Everyone knows this social network for its aesthetic visual component. So there are people who decided to make this platform a communication channel to talk to the audience and engage it with the content of a business account. If personal accounts are selling personal brands then business ones are intended to sell ideas and products your business offers.

Here is a devil in detail. Instagram was initially created for entertainment. People that come to Instagram want to get fun not to sell or buy. So it is important for business accounts not to cross the thin line between entertaining content and selling one so they should be balanced when you want to attract and keep the attention of the audience. This also provides the difference between two types of accounts – personal and business ones. Getting a business account provides you with additional merit that is free analytics you get. This is important as business loves strict numbers. Besides that, setting up Instagram for business provides you with the opportunity to create direct marketing campaigns and promote your business via ads developed for the targeted audience.

How to Make Your Business Page on Instagram

There are lots of successful Instagram business cases that you can follow and adhere to. For example, when we are talking about modelling, you can get inspiration from model accounts like business accounts of Kmodels agency, or Ford Models Agency (BTW it has 928K+ followers). For the niche of restaurants or cooking, you can use the IG accounts of Gordon Ramsey, Jaime Oliver, or Martha Stewart. All of them successfully promote their business on Instagram making challenging content that attracts millions of followers.

To promote your business on Instagram, you need to get that business page we are talking about. You can choose from two ways for this:

  • Start on your own developing Instagram marketing for your newly created page.
  • Getting a ready-made Instagram account.

Starting from Scratch. What to Do to Create Your Business Instagram Page

First, let’s talk about developing a business account on Instagram from scratch. That process may need you to do several things:

  • Create a new Instagram profile or change the status of your personal IG account to business.
  • Developing Instagram social media marketing strategy.
  • Adjusting statistics and analyzing them.
  • Working on the content to make your business account engaging for the audience.

The first stage is quite easy to make. You can either create a new account or use your current personal account. To transform it to business, you should go to your account’s Settings panel, choose Account settings and then click on the Business Account option. That’s all! Now your account is marked as a business one. Besides, do not forget to take a look at our How to choose business categories on Instagram guide. It may also be helpful for you.

The next step concerns SMM practices. These are the main marketing tools and methods you should use to promote your business correctly. If we are talking not about an account for Instagram for a small business, then it is better to delegate that task to a pro i.e. to hire an SMM specialist to do all the job for you. In other cases, you may need to do as follows:

  • Thoroughly fill in the contact information in your profile.
  • Create a content plan and an SMM strategy with precise goals and numbers you want to get in the nearest time and in a long-lasting perspective.
  • Follow the plan by creating and publishing content that may help to achieve your goals.
  • Increase the engagement of your page.
  • Provide fast and effective communication with the audience.

That is what you should do on that step.

Then let’s talk about stats. On Instagram business accounts, you can get analytics that includes key parameters that are valuable for your account’s promotion. They are reaches (or how many people saw your publication), shows (how much time it was shown), and the number of posts created per 24 hours/week. Besides, from your analytics panel, you can launch promotional campaigns and control them.

Then a long and thorough work awaits you. You need to develop content that will be attractive and valuable to your audience. This fully depends on your niche and wishes yet there is also a good idea to analyze some Instagram tutorials for businesses to highlight the main principles of corporate content creation.

Choosing from Already Created Accounts is Profitable

Besides the long way we have described above, there is one more opportunity that you should consider. It is buying a business Instagram account. What merits does it provide to you?

  • You get a tool that is already workable. For example, if you are going into the real estate business, you can get an account on Instagram for real estate agents that are fully tailored to your goals.
  • Such accounts have already an audience. And the higher the number of followers on the account the better are your chances to find customers from them from scratch.
  • Accounts for sale have a certain design so you have no need for deciding on the design or visual style your account may have.

So you can miss several stages of the business account creation when choosing a business account for sale. There will be no need in deciding on what to write in your first Instagram post for a business account you develop. Besides, getting an account like that is just eating pears if you are reading that article! On Royalgram, we offer lots of them in almost any niche you may choose.

So let’s make summaries.

  • Instagram is still a powerful promotional tool for businesses of all kinds from small boulangerie to big enterprises.
  • Developing a business account requires time and skills in SMM to gain Success yet it is not impossible even for a novice IG user. Thanks to numerous Instagram tutorials, articles and references (like IG accounts of famous companies or their CEOs). You can decide on almost everything and get ideas for all the processes starting from the first Instagram post for business examples up to complex strategies and campaigns.
  • There is no need for compulsory development of your business account from scratch. You can just buy an account in a certain niche that already has its style, audience, and engagement rates.
  • Do not forget to check your business account’s statistics regularly. For business accounts on Instagram, it’s a free option.

Business accounts on Instagram are a must for a business that wants to grow and scale up. They are affordable and easy to use, and they provide you with an effective communication channel with your potential customers.


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yabg story is very very interesting I really like to read to add insight



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Great article on Instagram business accounts! It’s true that having an Instagram presence is crucial for businesses in today’s market, and this article provides helpful tips on how to create a successful business account. I appreciate the detailed steps provided for starting a business account from scratch, as well as the option to purchase an already established account. The examples of successful business accounts on Instagram were also very insightful. Overall, this article is a valuable resource for anyone looking to promote their business on Instagram.



10 months ago.

In my opinion instagram is a very powerful tool in today`s world. You can really go from small creator to a big business like in a month or two, if you`ll be able to find the right spot. You can use plenty of different promotion tools on Instagram, that will help your business grow even bigger.



10 months ago.

Instagram is a platform on which a new culture is formed, horizons are expanded and creative approaches to familiar things appear. You can use any promotion tools on Instagram. But all inspiring success stories have one thing in common – respect and love for people. Brands love their customers and are not shy about showing it. Thanks for the article, it turned out to be very useful.



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Thanks for such a great article, I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time. I wanted to do business on Instagram, now I know all the subtleties. I am very pleased that I found this article



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Great article for those who are interested in business and promotion on Instagram, it is really useful that we are told a detailed plan and additional resources that can be used to develop a business account



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very interesting article. I am just starting to develop a page on Instagram, and for me this is very useful information



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Thanks for such helpful information. I always thought that using Instagram for business was dangerous and stupid, but how wrong I was. Special thanks for the fact that you told us step by step how to create your business page on Instagram.



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Advertising slips into all spheres of life and the more popular the place of it is the larger Instagram, the exception, the more people, the more money