How to Promote Instagram Page after Purchase

May 7, 2021

Buying an account often becomes the best solution for those who want to profitably present their business, brand or an item, but do not have enough time to promote Instagram account. We have already shared with you some tips on promoting an IG account from scratch. In this article, we will talk about what to do after buying an account, how to promote Instagram page without paying, and how to effectively use it for your goals.

Take care of your account security

Once you’ve purchased an Instagram account, make sure you are the only person who has access to it. First of all, change the account password and the email to which it is linked.

Please note that we never access the accounts that have already been sold, but changing the data is a must. This way, the account becomes your property, and only you are responsible for its security in the future.

You can also link your account to your phone number. To do this, go to the profile edit page and enter the corresponding phone number in the personal information settings tab. After that you will receive an SMS with a confirmation code.

If necessary, you can change other data (name, description, nickname, add contacts), but we recommend doing so 2–3 days after purchasing the account.

Start the activity

Sometimes buyers wait for a while (a week or two) before publishing new material. On the one hand, this seems to prevent the risk of blocking after changing the device, country, and so on. However, on the other hand, it only gives your followers time to lose interest in an inactive account and unsubscribe. On Instagram, the regularity and timeliness of all posts are very important. Yes, it is better to be on the safe side and wait 2–3 days before introducing changes, but that’s enough. Get started to popularize Instagram account.

Prepare the audience for the planned changes

Of course, each situation is unique, and we cannot give effective advice to everyone at once. But here are some options for interaction to be considered:

  • In most cases, the best solution involves a gradual transition to a new format (if planned) rather than abrupt changes in content (presentation and offering of goods, stories with calls to action, etc.). This may take the most time, but it will smooth out the account changes and reduce the number of those who unsubscribed.
  • If you have chosen our account with the audience that is most likely to be interested in your changes, the new publication format, certain products, you can unobtrusively write about yourself, about some innovations on the page, etc. This will bring you closer to the audience and allow you to establish a more trusting relationship.
  • If you continue the same topic that was on your account, but you are planning a new format, publish several posts and indicate that this format will prevail in your account for at least some time in the future.
  • Often, to effectively interact with your followers, you need to delete/archive all the content and start publishing from scratch. In this case, be extremely careful: all changes must be introduced gradually so that the page does not get banned (read more about this in the next paragraph).

In any case, we suggest not to emphasize the changes, but at the same time to avoid attacking your followers very enthusiastically by publishing 100 planned photos in a few days. Neither social network users nor Instagram itself like such spam.

Change your account gradually

Yes, Instagram does not like any actions that remind the use of bots or third-party services, including spam and abrupt changes in activity. Therefore, we do not recommend introducing multiple changes at once: deleting all posts, adding a large number of photos, unsubscribing from many people, etc. Such actions will not necessarily lead to blocking your account, but you do not need to take risks, especially immediately after purchase.

Another reason to publish content gradually is that Instagram algorithms probably just won’t show all the photos in the feeds to your subscribers, so the page coverage and follower activity will drop.

We recommend that you publish 1 photo per day for the first 5–7 days after purchasing an account. Over time, you can increase the number of posts and set the most effective schedule for your audience. To sum up, SMM experts recommend publishing 1–3 photos a day to promote Instagram profile, but remember that it depends on the niche, goals, capabilities, etc. It is best to offer a schedule that you can stick to in the future.

Pay attention to the peculiarities of your followers

To successfully develop your account, you must focus on your followers which we have already collected for you. When scheduling posts, consider the time zone of the majority of the audience, the hours of activity and the reaction to a particular type of content. You can see all this on the statistics page in business accounts.

Attract a new audience to popularize Instagram account

Even if you are happy with everything, this is not a reason to stop developing your page. Moreover, you have a significant advantage – the accounts with a large number of followers are more trusted by Instagram users, they are more likely to subscribe to them. It’s like a snowball – the bigger it is, the faster it gets bigger. Use this to attract new followers.

The account is yours and the choice is yours

Let’s point out once again that each situation is unique, and only you can best plan a strategy to promote your profile. If you are very concerned about possible unsubscriptions, then you should know there will definitely be such cases, but usually their share is up to 5% of the total number of followers. In the future, with the right promotion, you will quickly catch up with the initial figures and surpass them.

The basics are very simple – keep in mind the gradual character of changes and the regular character of updates. Everything else depends solely on your goals and views. And to better understand this topic, we suggest you read our article on promoting your Instagram account from scratch.

Ready to present your business to a large audience? We offer you to buy an Instagram account on Royalgram and get an effective tool for business promotion today.


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Instagram has been moving from an entertainment app to a work app for quite some time now. Universal, which does not prevent us from spending time with you. I would also like to add that your article was quite useful for me, thank you. keep going like this



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This post is very useful and interesting. Thanks to it you can learn a lot of new things, especially thank you. The article helped me to develop my page more, so I recommend this very convenient and informative article.


Irina Shvec

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Indeed, recently Instagram has been blocking pages even for the smallest violations. I was blocked because it seemed to them that I was getting a lot of likes.