Nudes on Instagram: Are They Possible

June 22, 2022

Instagram is one of the most influential social networks in the world. Moreover, this is perhaps the only network whose content is primarily visual. It so happened that it is Instagram and its users that largely determine fashion trends in various fields from fashion to erotica. Instagram users did not go unnoticed and content containing nudity on Instagram. Of course, the initial task of Instagram is fundamentally different from the same PornHub but there are many connoisseurs of nudity and erotica here.

At the same time, the topic of Instagram nudes has been the subject of controversy for more than a year. Some users welcome such content in every possible way and want to have access to it on their favorite social network following Insta nude accounts. Others believe that a naked body on Instagram is unacceptable. Let’s figure out what you can post in this niche on Instagram, and how to get around the bans that the platform imposes on nude content. At last, does Instagram have nudity at all?

Instagram Nudity Policy: the Official Position

Let’s just say that Instagram is very strict about the topic of adult content. This also applies to Instagram nudity. Does Instagram allow nudity? Such photos and videos are also classified as explicit content, and for publishing them as-is, you can easily get an account ban. But what are the official requirements for Instagram nudity accounts because knowing them, it is easier to get around the bans! In general, the Instagram nude policy is harsh.

  • Instagram categorically prohibits the publication of hard porn content. This is quite logical and understandable because the users of the social network are not only individuals 18+ but also teenagers and Instagram will now allow adult content.
  • The image of naked genitals is also prohibited. Even if you meant joke content, you will have to remove such images from public access in your account.
  • Moreover, even images of naked female breasts with exposed nipples can be a reason for a ban. The matter of how does Instagram detect inappropriate photos is curious and sometimes awkward. This has already played a trick on some profiles in the niche of motherhood, where the reason for the ban was images of breastfeeding mothers, as well as profiles dedicated to works of art, where the theme of the nudity is also quite regular. They were all considered to be nudity Instagram accounts.
  • Children’s nudity is generally under the strictest ban because it is considered propaganda for paedophilia. And even if you run an Instagram blog dedicated to your own family, you should think carefully before posting photos of children in half-naked form.

All these restrictions for Insta accounts with nudes are quite logical and understandable on the one hand. But on the other hand, it is worth remembering that the theme of sex and erotica is one of the most sold and important. And for the Instagram business, the nude niche is one of the most successful. Such Instagram accounts with nudity invariably collect millions of followers and likes. But even here there are nuances.

Successful Blogs on Instagram with Nudity Theme

You don’t have to look far to find examples of such blogs. For example, the same Kim Kardashian, a socialite who built her career on a mix of scandals, Instagram posts and her own naked body, uses this topic with might and main but does not violate the rules of the service. When you ask does Instagram show porn, the answer will be definitely no! This category also includes many other successful nude Instagram models, whose accounts are focused on light erotica and nudity. So what’s the secret?

How to Bypass Instagram Bans on Nudity

In fact, everything is simple. You’ve probably heard the expression that a slight understatement is always more attractive than frankness? This is how it works with nude images on Instagram.

How can you post nudes on Instagram?

  • Post nude content that is visually covered by clothing. Photos in erotic lingerie or sexy clothes do not fall under the ban. This can be adopted if you are interested in blogging on this particular topic.
  • Do not publish the image of the whole body, but of a certain part of it. The same photos of the buttocks or abdomen will not cause indignation among the account administration but they will definitely attract the attention of the audience. Creativity is only welcome.
  • Use decor. Sometimes unusual ideas are used to create erotic content — body painting, decor from improvised items.
  • Filters with a blur effect will help to make the image not so frank and will keep the overall intrigue.

With these tips, you will be able to post nude content without the fear of being banned by Instagram.

How to start a blog

How to Start a Blogger Career in Niche Nudes Photo

As we have already decided is there nudity on Instagram, let’s consider how to use it. Getting started is never easy. Especially in such an interesting and narrow niche. But on the other hand, with a successful start, you will be able to make huge profits, because interest in the topic of nudes does not subside over time.

And to ensure a successful start, Royalgram has a good idea. You can start your blogging story with an already established and successful account that specializes in this niche. In our store there are just such lots, having from 500 to 30k followers. What does it give you?

  • Opportunity to immediately introduce yourself to a wide audience.
  • Developed own content style. You can either support it with your content or contribute your own ideas and be creative.
  • Good reputation. For the niche of nudes, this is also important.
  • Potential attraction for advertisers. Agree that advertisers will agree much more willingly to advertise on a blog with a large audience.

All you need to get started is to buy a Royalgram account. And then — everything is in your hands.


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Interesting article. It is really worth excluding erotic content in such a social network as instagram. Many teenagers use Instagram. I never thought about starting an erotic blog. I think the information will be useful for those who want a lot of subscribers