Is Buying an Instagram Account Worth it?

April 29, 2021

According to statistics, 1 billion people use Instagram every month in 2021. At the same time, more than 80% of people use Instagram to research products and services. So, as you can see, Instagram is undoubtedly a great place for business promotion. It is not a secret that building an audience on Instagram from scratch is really hard. And what about Ig pages purchase?

Is It a Good Idea to Buy an Instagram Account?

Is buying an Instagram account worth it? Generally, yes. However, for successful business expansion, you need to choose the appropriate account and competently organize the page rebranding and further promotion on Instagram.

How to Choose an Account?

Firstly, buy only high-quality Instagram accounts to promote your business. Of course, a cheap account with a low engagement rate can also help promote your brand if you know how to use it. However, in this case, buying an Instagram account is no different from buying likes or followers.

Secondly, pay attention to the Instagram pages for sale with your target audience. For example, if you plan to sell clothes, choose fashion and style accounts; if you offer supplements, choose fitness and health pages, etc. This advice sounds obvious, but, surprisingly, people often make mistakes at this stage. Sometimes buyers choose low-quality cheap accounts (for example, on forums) or, on the contrary, large accounts that do not fit the niche of their business. In such cases, they simply spend money in vain.

Thirdly, pay attention to the number of followers. There is not always a need to choose 100k accounts for sale, especially if you plan to develop a small clothing store. Moreover, for new small brands, it will be even more profitable to buy a 20-30k Instagram account and develop it on your own. 20,000 followers page is probably going to attract more people to your account, but at the same time, it will allow you to communicate with your target audience and increase customer loyalty.

I Have Bought an Instagram Account. What’s Next?

Buying an Instagram account is just the first step to promoting your business on Instagram. Now you need to rebrand the page and gradually move from the previous theme of the page to yours. It would be great if you could partially leave the previous content and account style at the beginning and offer your products and services to the audience without sudden changes.

Buying an account is different from buying an engagement. In the second case, you buy an account with an existing community interested in the page content. The further success of such accounts depends on you. If you choose an appropriate Instagram account and can improve its quality, buying an Instagram account will definitely be worth it!



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2 years ago.

yes, instagram is now a very popular site for selling goods, I believe that it is more profitable than competitors. If everything is done correctly and competently, then success is guaranteed