How Much Do Instagram Accounts Sell for

October 30, 2020

Recently, we talked about where to buy Instagram accounts and how to do it safely. So, it’s time to answer another popular question: how much an Instagram account costs. In this article, we will talk in more detail about how the account cost is formed and what it depends on. By the way, you can find out the exact price of each of our IG pages listed for sale in our catalog.

What determines the cost of an IG page?

Here are some aspects that most significantly affect the profile price:

  • Followers number. Here is the first characteristic that all buyers pay attention to. This is quite understandable, because people want to start working with a large audience โ€“ and the larger the number is, the better. The number of followers is really important, and it significantly affects the profile price, but only if this indicator is supported by sufficient activity on the page. On the other hand, there are cases when this factor becomes decisive when choosing a profile.
  • Engagement. Few people would buy an Instagram account with a large number of followers who do not pay any attention to posts and information on the page. That is why a vital characteristic is the engagement rate, which shows the interest of the audience and takes into account the main user activities (likes, comments, etc.). Read more about what is good engagement rate for Instagram here.
  • Followers location. It should be noted that location demographics is another crucial item in shaping the account price. IG pages gathering the audience of the USA, England, California, Australia, etc. have the highest prices. Additionally, pages that bring together people from other, less popular but specific regions are highly valued, as such offers are well suited for promoting local businesses.
  • Niche. In general, this is a somewhat subjective criterion, but there are some nuances that influence the price of an IG page. We can say that too popular topics can be less expensive than the original ones. Also, the narrow-focused, specialized pages and accounts, which are great for promoting business in particular areas, are highly valued.
  • Nicknames. Sometimes you can find an almost empty profile at the price of a million followers account. This price can be determined by a nickname that is simple and profitable for a particular business. In this case, sometimes the number of characters in the profile name plays a crucial role โ€“ the shorter the name, the more profitable it is for business.
  • Established connections and business. Sometimes the seller offers not just a page with followers, but a ready-made blog with regular advertisers and customers. Of course, this will increase the price of the account by several times, because the buyer will have everything to gain profit in the future.

Please also note that the development of each page is an individual process, so the cost of seemingly similar IG profiles may vary depending on subjective circumstances, the speed of development and efforts made, and so on.

How much is an Instagram account worth?

As we have already mentioned, the prices of similar accounts can differ significantly. If we trace the general situation in the markets, the total cost of an account with 5k followers starts from $100, and a page with 100k followers โ€“ from $1,000.

According to our experience, most buyers choose accounts that cost between $400 and $1,800.

Of course, this is very generalized data, because you need to know other characteristics that are important to you when choosing an account, but such information gives at least a rough idea of what to expect in terms of costs.

Buy an Instagram account at a great price on Royalgram

Here you can buy IG pages of various price categories. We also provide the โ€œMake offerโ€ function allowing you to suggest the price you are willing to pay for the profile. We promise to consider your offer and, if possible, make sure to meet you halfway.

We wish you great purchases and successful implementation of your best ideas ๐Ÿ™‚


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