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May 23, 2022

Analyzing success on Instagram can be based on internal feelings, but above all, analytics teaches us to take into account what one can measure and compare. There are insights on Instagram so that you can monitor your promotion results more closely. These are blocks of collected basic data on the success of each of your posts or the account as a whole. In this article, let’s consider the main types of data and talk about insights in Instagram meaning.

How To Check Post Insights

Analytical data is available in any type of profile. For more data, your profile should be public, not private. And you should also switch to a business account if you haven’t done this so far. To switch to a business account, you need to go to the appropriate section:

  • Menu icon in the upper right corner
  • Account
  • Switch account type
  • Switch to a business account.

More about business accounts on Instagram and their categories read in our article.

Next, we recommend connecting your profile to your Facebook page. If you don’t have a page, Instagram will prompt you to create one. It isn`t obligated, but it brings you more features for promoting your company or blog.

After that, you can add the information you want and tap Done. The Instagram Insights section will now be available to you. The button for this section is located immediately below the bio, as well as in the menu.

Relevant data is also available under each Instagram post and story.

How to read Instagram Insights

Open Instagram Insights. What do you see? First of all, you can select the period you are interested in in the upper left corner. There are separate options for “Last 7 days”, “Last 14 Days”, and “Last 30 Days”, as well as a calendar with sliders for more flexible period selection.

On the first line, just under the “Insights Overview” heading, you will see the indicator that changed the most during this period compared to the previous one.

How to read Instagram Insights

For example, in the figure, you can see that in the last 7 days, the profile received a new follower.

What does accounts reached mean on Instagram

Next is the accounts reach data. This displays the total number of users who saw your content. You can tap this block and open the detailed information. It will show the following.

General information. The number of accounts that saw your content, as well as a percentage comparison of that number with the previous period;

Reached audience. Cities, countries, age, and gender of the audience who viewed the content. Also, in percentages.

Followers and non-followers. This is a pie chart that shows how many of the engaged audience are your followers and how many are not.

Content Reach. Here you can see what types of content were viewed by your reached audience (posts, stories, reels, etc.).

Top Content (Posts, Stories, IGTV Videos, Live Videos, Reels). These blocks include the posts and stories with the best indicators in descending order.

Impressions. This number shows how many times your users have seen your content, but unlike Reach, it also counts when a single user has seen your posts multiple times.

Profile Activity. Here you’ll see a detailed recount of the targeted actions users have taken. The information includes the number of clicks to your page, clicks to your website, clicks to your email, etc.

What Does Engagement Mean On Instagram

Return to the previous page and go to Engagement. While the Reach section collects data about all the people who saw the content, Engagement shows how the reached audience interacted with your posts.

It includes the following blocks.

  • General information.
  • Engaged audience.
  • Audience demographics.
  • Content interactions.

Remember that it doesn’t just show views, but targeted actions that reflect audience activity.

Engagement indicators

Let’s talk more about Engagement indicators and what they mean for page promotion.

What do likes mean on Instagram post. With likes users let you know that they like your post or that they think it’s important. There are often doubts about whether to “like” a post, especially if the information covered in the content is disappointing. However, “like” is often not about emotion or aesthetics, but about importance. It’s not just “I like it,” but “I see what you want to say and I understand you,” and “I want more people to see this post”.

What do comments mean on Instagram post. Comments are also very important for Instagram algorithms. People share their thoughts and impressions about a post, and in doing so they let you know that your post is worth paying attention to.

What do shares mean on Instagram post. The number indicates how many people shared your post. Consequently, the user believes that as many people as possible should see your post. Many users ask, how to see, who shared your Instagram post. The thing is that you can’t see exactly who shared your post. But if a user tagged you in a story, you’ll get a notification.

What do saves mean on Instagram post. The number indicates how many people saved your post. Saved posts are stored in a separate folder on Instagram. To see the entire collection you saved, tap the menu icon in the upper left corner of your profile (the hamburger icon, three horizontal lines, or three dots) and go to Saved.

What does forward mean on an Instagram story. This is a number that shows how many times users sent your story to other users in direct messages.

All of this data allows you to track which post resonated the most. By analyzing the data, you will understand what your audience likes and what leaves users indifferent. Thus, by observing the reactions, you will better understand people’s preferences and be able to adjust content.

Total Followers

This is another section of Instagram Insights, which contains information about statistics regarding your followers.

  • Total number of followers
  • Top locations of your followers (cities and countries)
  • Age Range among women and men, as well as general data
  • Gender
  • Most Active Time

By analyzing your followers’ data, you better understand your target audience and their requests, and you can further target the characteristics of a particular audience.

How Do I See When My Followers Are Most Active

To see your audience activity by day and hour, go to Instagram Insights and select Total Followers. You’ll see a graph of audience activity at the bottom of the page. This doesn’t necessarily mean you should only post during peak hours, but you can use this data to test different hypotheses.

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Content You Shared

Instagram Insights also allows analyzing data from different types of content, like stories, posts, videos, etc. In the corresponding section, you will see all the posts of the selected type for the specified period. You can change the period at any time. It always remains in the upper left corner.

You can also filter the content by the desired indicator. For example, for stories, these are Reach, Call Button Taps, Exited, Follows, Impressions, and other data.

Post Instagram Insights

Each publication has a section that contains data on audience activity. It shows the following data.

Accounts Reached. What do accounts reached mean on Instagram? It shows the total number of users who saw the post.

Content Interaction. Shows the number of likes, comments, saves, and shares of the post.

Profile activity. Contains information about users’ targeted actions after viewing the post, namely, going to the profile page, following, going to your email, etc.

Instagram impressions. The number of all views of the post from all sources is displayed here. Even if one user viewed the publication several times, each of their views is counted.

Instagram Story Insights

Access to data about your audience’s actions when viewing your stories is available in each story. Just swipe up or tap on Activity.

Impressions. What do impressions mean on Instagram? The number of views of your story (non-unique views are also counted).

Reach. The number of accounts that viewed your story (only unique views count, not repeated ones).

Replies. The number of replies to the story.

There are also other indicators, the meaning of which is intuitive.

  • Exited
  • Forward
  • Backwards
  • Next Story
  • Profile Visits
  • Follows
  • Email Button Taps

The more actively your audience responds to your content, the more advanced data you’ll see in your Instagram story analytics.

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Why it’s important to analyze Instagram Insights

Data analysis allows you to track how your audience reacts to a particular post, story, or video. Needless to say, you can post what you like and not pay attention to followers’ requests. However, if you’re growing your business and targeting your audience, Instagram Insights is an important tool for your success.


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