How to View Instagram Without an Account

July 1, 2022

Lots of people use Instagram. There are lots of celebs as well as individuals and even corporate accounts of enterprises. Yet sometimes using your account to view someone’s content is not a good idea as you can ruin your confidentiality. Is there an opportunity to avoid using your personal account to watch Instagram content you are interested in? How to see Instagram private accounts anonymously?

Royalgram has gathered all the useful info for you about how to view a private Instagram account without using your own profile on that social network.

Who Needs to Approach the Instagram Without an Account

First of all. Who needs to view Instagram stories anonymously? It seems a piece of cake to register and watch all the content provided by that platform. Yet there are some peculiarities that form the pool of cases when the question of how to view a private Instagram account 2021 (2022) arises.

  • When a person has no account and does not want to get one for some reason. Lots of interesting content is provided by Instagram and having no account shouldn’t be a limitation to enjoying it.
  • The fear to be deanonymized. For some reason, people do not want the owner of the account on Instagram to know they have visited their pages. This is quite common for an audition of competitors as well as for visiting your ex’s IG account.
  • The use of a non-secure device. When you are surfing the Internet from your office PC, it can be unsafe to use your personal account to get access to Instagram. So in that case, access to Instagram without an account is much a better idea.

Using Instagram Viewer: What to Choose?

First of all, let’s decide on how to view Instagram stories without an account as well as how to get access to a user’s profile without logging in. There is good news: you can do it! One more piece of news is worse. You can learn how to view Instagram without an account by using several types of Instagram viewers.
The first thing each individual who wants to view something on Instagram without account does is launch

Yet that is a way to nowhere as the platform doesn’t allow users to go unregistered. Besides, it works similarly on the application and on the web. The way out on how to view Instagram stories without an account is whether to type the profile’s URL on the web and see it that way or to choose a third-party tool for that.

How to view the Instagram content with third-party tools

Using a profile’s URL offers you just a limited number of opportunities yet when you experience Instagram stories viewer or something like that, you can get more information and content from Instagram.

Well, how to look at Instagram without an account with these tools? The algorithm is simple enough.

  • Choose the website that offers services or options on how to view Instagram private account photos. There are lots of them throughout the Internet so the choice is wide enough. GreratFon, ImgInn, Dumpor, name it. There are free services as well as paid ones so it is fully up to you which to prefer.
  • On most of these services, you need to insert the profile’s name in the format @profilename and then start the search.
  • Choose the profile you are interested in from the search results and click on it.
  • Enjoy all the content available on the profile you choose including stories and reels videos.

Some may be also interested in how to see private account photos on Instagram. If the photo is posted without access limitations and it is on public access, you can easily watch it using these viewers we’ve described above. For closed profiles with limited access, that function, unfortunately, won’t work.

Which content I can see with Instagram Viewer

On average, the list of services you can get from these viewers on how to see Instagram private accounts posts include as follows:

  • Public posts and stories viewing
  • Bio links in the profile are available
  • Statistics listed in the profile are available
  • Viewing comments and likes to posts and comments both
  • Related accounts overview

So we can say it is enough for the goals you may have. Making summaries, we can say that the answer to the question ‘can you view Instagram without an account is defined and it is ‘Yes’. You can whether use your web browser to get access to a certain profile by typing the URL for it or to get fuller access by using Instagram viewers which are online services offered by various websites.

What to choose for your goals? That is mostly up to you yet we highly recommend evaluating the rates and reviews on each service not to get into a scam. In any case, there is nothing supernatural in your willingness to watch Instagram content anonymously so you can do it without any hassle.


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