How to Unfollow on Instagram Without Getting Banned

September 15, 2022

As usual, people join Instagram to share their content and to get more entertaining content from other users. The best way for last option is to follow interesting accounts and hashtags. This often takes following tons of accounts and hashtags to get a gem in the mud. But at the same time, you sometimes, will get bored with some kind of content and want to unfollow those who create it.

But here is a fly in ointment. Instagram has its rules and algorithms and some of them refer to unfollowing. Let’s get as much information about how to unfollow on Instagram with minimal loss.

The Principles of Unfollowing on Instagram

First of all, let’s talk about why Instagram users sometimes have to unfollow everyone at once (or at least a significant number of their subscriptions). There are many options here:

  • You may have liked certain content before and followed many accounts and hashtags associated with it. For example, if you were a fan of the TV series Game of Thrones, you could follow dozens of themed accounts, cast profiles, and hashtags related to the series. But Game of Thrones ended a few years ago, and there isn’t much new content on the subject. Or you could just fall out of love with the show and you’re no longer interested in content related to it.
  • You just want to change the direction of your account and gain a new audience. This is also quite real. For example, if you previously had an Instagram account dedicated to children’s products, you most likely had an audience of young parents who were interested in this topic. And if you want to do something new, for example, start the production of craft beer, it is unlikely that the interests of your current audience will coincide with your offers. It’s easier to unfollow everyone and recruit a new audience that your activity will be relevant.
  • You bought a ready-made Instagram account with thousands of followers that you are not interested in. You can get rid of them and fill your feed with really interesting content.

But most often this is the case. If you actively use Instagram, then you probably have accumulated more than one hundred (or even a thousand) subscriptions. And of all the accounts you follow, sometimes you are really interested in only a couple of dozen. But when you look at the huge number of subscriptions, it becomes uncomfortable that you have to delete each contact individually. Fortunately, you don’t have to. After all, it is possible to automate this process. But there is an alert you can be unaware of. That is an Instagram ban for mass unfollowing!

Why Can You Get Banned for Your Unfollowing Activities

As we have already mentioned, Instagram plays by its own rules. And they are tough enough for users of the service. In particular, your account may be at risk of being banned if you violate the rules of the platform. And it’s not just about publishing explicit content, insults, or cheating followers. Modern Instagram algorithms are constantly trying to distinguish users who perform actions manually from those who use special applications for mass actions.

It is quite logical that a person who uses Instagram is unlikely to manage to put 10 likes in a minute, follow more than 100 people in an hour, or unfollow all their followers.

It is for such actions that you can get a temporary or even permanent ban on the Instagram platform.

In 2022, the service algorithms provide the following activity limits for Instagram users:

  • All accounts are divided into new (created less than a week ago), young (under 6 months old), and old (over 6 months old).
  • New accounts can make up to 20-40 followers per hour and no more than 100 per day with a limit of up to 2,000 subscriptions per month.
  • Young accounts are allowed to make up to 30-60 subscriptions per hour, no more than 500 per day, and with a limit of up to 3,000-4,000 subscriptions per month.
  • Old accounts can follow 60 accounts per hour, up to 800 per day, and up to 6,000 followers per month.
    But this is about following, not unfollowing, you say. Everything is much more interesting! Unfollowing actions are equal to following and have the same limits. Moreover, all following/unfollowing actions are summed up. That is if you have 20 falls and 20 unfollows from a new account, then in total, you have performed 40 actions. Until the limit has been exceeded.

But if you decide to unfollow all your subscribers at once from your young account in one hour, and this number exceeded 60 accounts, you may face a ban.

Therefore, it is better to think over your strategy, how to unfollow everyone on Instagram, and not get banned.

How to Make Unfollowing on Instagram Safe for Your Account

We offer several ideas at once on how to mass unfollow on Instagram. Use them all or choose the ones that are most convenient for you.

  • Use manual unfollowing. To do this, simply go to the list of your followers and manually uncheck the Follows field. Don’t forget about the limits, and just act on the principle of 20 users per hour.
  • Delete subscriptions based on the principle of groups: for example, common by one hashtag, only business accounts, only real people. This will make the task easier. In addition, you can only unfollow those who are not interesting to you.
  • Try to use special services for mass unfollowing.

The latter option is currently offered by many developers. In particular, you can use the application with the concise name Unfollower. It will allow you to unsubscribe from multiple accounts with a single click at no additional cost (unlike most of its peers). The app gives you several options on how to do this. To do this, there is a flexible filter system. You can unsubscribe only from those who did not follow you in response, or from all users at once.

Unfollower is powered by the official Instagram API, which allows the app to access your followers list remotely. The application has no restrictions on cancelling a subscription. Yes, there are ads here, but this will not be a big problem, because we just need to open the application, do what we need, and safely forget about Unfollower, as well as about subscriptions that we are no longer interested in.

As an alternative to Unfollower (if the above application suddenly doesn’t suit you for one reason or another), you can install Cleaner for Instagram or Insta mass unfollow, which essentially work the same, except for a few limitations. For example, Cleaner for Instagram allows you to unfollow 50 users in the free version, while Insta Mass unfollow only allows you to unfollow 20 users. On the other hand, this is also convenient, because you don’t have to keep track of whether you have violated the limits on mass unfollowing, they are already included in the applications.
In any case, the success of mass unfollowing is guaranteed if you follow the following principles:

  • Do not violate the limits for your account. The older your account, the faster you can bulk unfollow.
  • Sometimes it’s better to use manual unfollowing in order not to attract the attention of Instagram moderators. If you don’t have too many followers, or you want to select only those accounts that haven’t been updated for a long time, it’s better to do it manually.
  • Use apps that have the same API as Instagram. This will allow you to easily get and manage your list of subscribers.

Mass unfollowing is sometimes very useful. And if you decide to take such a step, try not to violate the rules of Instagram if you want to keep all the functions of your account.


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4 months ago.

The article is very interesting. This article shows hot to unfollow Instagram account without getting ban. There is an algorithm of Instagram which can detect the cheat of getting more like in a minute that’s can ban Instagram account permanently. This article show the way of do this process. It’s an amazing article.



4 months ago.

I read everything, thanks for such a necessary and useful information



4 months ago.

Be cautious when mass unfollowing on Instagram


isabella yasmin

5 months ago.

And this happens, a lot, on social networks. We add contacts from college, work, or other projects simply because we know these people by sight. But along the way, you may decide to clean up and purge too many people at once.

Instagram, for example, allows you to follow (or request to follow) someone else in a very simple and intuitive way, and before you know it you are connected to more users than you should be.



6 months ago.

thank you for the detailed information, I read it with enthusiasm, I will use it in my life in the future 🙂



8 months ago.

Thank you! Very interesting article, for a long time I could not understand why I was banned.



8 months ago.

Thank you for the article. I didn’t know that. you are very super



9 months ago.

Good article, after reading I received a lot of new and useful information on how to actively use the Instagram platform and not get into a temporary or permanent “ban”. All limits on the number of actions per day are indicated so as not to lose your page. Also now I understand how you can get out of the “ban”. All the necessary information in one article, very convenient.



9 months ago.

It’s really great information to everyone. Thank you so much this authorities


Sabayan Khan

9 months ago.

The article is very interesting. This article shows hot to unfollow Instagram account without getting ban. There is an algorithm of Instagram which can detect the cheat of getting more like in a minute that’s can ban Instagram account permanently. This article show the way of do this process. It’s an amazing article.