How to get more story views on Instagram

April 20, 2022

Instagram stories are a great way to step away from a carefully selected content and show the other side of your personality or business. Furthermore, they are a powerful marketing tool that play an extremely important role in the account success.

Previously, all stories were shown in chronological order. However, now the social network organizes content according to a much more complex formula, where chronology has become only one of the factors. The algorithm also takes into account the history of interaction with a particular user, the number of impressions, comments, likes, and other engagement data.

Due to the strong competition on Instagram, users are often just scrolling through Instagram stories, focusing only on those that really attract and hold their attention. In turn, the better you interact with followers through your stories, the more often your content will appear in their feed. So, it’s not a surprise that page owners often ask about how to increase your story views on Instagram. Let’s take a closer look at this question.

How to gain more views on Instagram story

There are many ways to increase the number of stories views. The methods we provide below are mutually complementary, and they reinforce each other. Analyze your audience and your own goals to choose the most effective methods to increase stories’ reach and engagement rate.

Publish quality stories regularly

First, it should be understood that there is no magic way to increase Insta story views once and for all. The most important aspect is to add posts and stories regularly and make sure your content is interesting, aesthetic, and interactive. Only a constant work on the content and your activity will bear fruits. It’s much better to keep a content plan, but you can also make a habit of creating content on a daily basis without a plan. The choice is yours.

Use stickers for Instagram stories

Social networks are interested in user activity and regularly develop new functionality and new features. It would be unwise not to take advantage of this. You can find useful functionalities among the stories’ stickers. They will help you to understand how to get more Instagram views on story. Features that directly impact on engagement include location tag, mention, hashtags, different types of questions (open question, poll, quiz), countdown, subtitles, etc.

Communicate and ask questions to followers

Let’s take a closer look at Instagram questions story and its types. Whichever niche you choose, interaction with your followers is the basis of promotion. There are always questions that your audience can ask you, or you can ask your audience. Stickers in Instagram Stories will help you with this. Among them, there are “questions”, “poll”, and “quiz”.

Open-ended questions (“questions”) can contain three lines of text and include around 75-80 characters. To make an Instagram questions story, click “Add story” and go to the icon stickers section. There you will find a “question” sticker.

Ideas for questions:

  • Use the “Ask Me Anything” format;
  • Find out something about your followers;
  • Ask for feedback;
  • Get recommendations;
  • Ask for advice;
  • Ask thematic and niche questions.

For example, if you sell yoga mats, you can ask your followers what design they like the most. Or you can ask thematic questions about their favorite asana, yoga place, etc. On the other hand, you can encourage followers to ask you questions. In this case, do not forget to answer them and give useful recommendations. Become an expert in your niche.

Multiple choice poll

Instagram poll ideas as well as quiz ideas could include:

  • Thematic or routine quizzes;
  • Questions about preferences;
  • Suggestion to guess something about future products;
  • “Please help with the choice” format;
  • Educational Instagram survey questions.

The type of Instagram quizzes for your story and format of Instagram questions story depends on your marketing goals and planned content.
Don’t forget to share the results of polls and the correct answer of quizzes. This is another type of content that attracts the attention of followers.

Add music to your story

Music reflects your current mood and adds some flair to your stories. Well-chosen track can increase the view time and the engagement rate for your content. It makes Instagram thinking your content is good, so it will be shown to more people. You can show yourself through music.

Add automatic subtitles

This feature has recently appeared and has significantly improved the inclusion of blogs and brands. Automatic subtitles allow you to engage a part of your target audience, that watches your stories without sound for some reason. In addition, subtitles allow you to better communicate with followers that do not perfectly speak your language. Be sure to check the captions before posting, as Instagram can transcribe the audio inaccurately.

Plan your content

Content planning allows you to ensure both the quality and regularity of your updates. In this way you will be able to offer your audience a variety of interesting content. Analyze what the audience likes and what leaves your followers indifferent. This analysis will increase the effectiveness of the content, and thus further increase the viewing of stories.

Planning can also include storytelling and story jumps. The plot jumps involve the publication of the beginning of an interesting story and its continuation in another profile. In this way, accounts can advertise each other and increase the number of story views as well as the number of followers. Save the best photos and videos in Instagram story highlights.

Be active and watch IG stories of your target audience

If you want your audience to pay attention to your content, you should do the same in return. Express your interest in the content of other brands and blogs, watch IG stories, put likes, leave comments and answers; communicate with your target audience and show initiative. In this way you will establish communication and users will remember your account.

You will understand how to increase your story views on Instagram by analyzing the effectiveness of different types of content. After all, each niche has its own characteristics. Be attentive, inquisitive, and persistent. And then you will get the attention of the audience quite soon.


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