How to Get More Likes on Instagram in 2021

March 23, 2021

In this article, we will talk about how to get more likes and engagement on your Instagram posts, Stories, Reels, and IGTV. Try all the available methods to find the most effective tools for your page promotion.

You don’t have an account yet or just recently created it? Read our article 6 Simple Steps to Promote Instagram Page for More Followers. Or, find a ready Instagram account in our catalog.

How to Get Instagram Likes

We keep repeating that Instagram account promotion is becoming increasingly complicated. And this is quite natural. As the social network grows, the level of competition increases, and users need to become more inventive to attract attention. Be that as it may, the basic promotion methods remain the same. However, you can use all the tools in a special way, while giving due consideration to your audience, brand features and values.

Research first

Data collection is not even a promotion method. This is the foundation on which any of your actions will be built. Therefore, before planning a promotion strategy, clearly consider and describe your audience, its features, goals, competitors, etc. Even if you think you understand the promotion goals, try displaying them on a screen or sheet, and you may find places that still need some improvement. This will help you a lot in further page development.

Creative content

Whatever methods for attracting audience you choose, the best way to keep attention is to produce high quality content. Remember that any niche content, even very narrow and unknown, can be presented in an interesting way. Think about how you can be useful for your followers. Also consider how you can help the social network users, in addition to offering direct services/goods (this can be anything: useful information, humor, inspiration, new ideas, aesthetics, etc.). And then it’s about strategy and regularity.

We also recommend bringing all kinds of content to Instagram for more coverage: posts, stories, igtv, reels. If you really want to get more likes on Instagram in 2021, you should pay particular attention to video content and offer quality and interesting video to your audience.


In general, hype means extravagant or intensive publicity or promotion. This method can bring the fastest growth in the activity on Instagram page. Hype involves the use of the most discussed topics in a given period. You can express your opinion, highlight completely different views on it or attract attention with absolutely eccentric ideas. This method is not suitable for all brands and Instagram users, but why not consider it?


Targeted advertising works, but in addition to setting up your advertising campaign properly, you still need to offer something that will be interesting to your audience. This method should be tested by trial and error, because sometimes the greatest activity is generated by the content which may be surprising even for you.

Interaction with the audience

If you realize well who your target audience is, it will be easier for you to understand how to get more likes on Instagram. Communicate with your potential followers (they can be found on the competitors’ pages, accounts with similar or related topics, by hashtags, etc.), show interest and leave something for them (likes, comments, participation in discussions). This way, you will appear before your audience, and they will definitely pay you back with their activity if you manage to get them interested.

Here, you can also add massfollowing and massliking which help to get more likes on Instagram, but in 2021 these methods should be employed more thoughtfully and moderately.

Advertising at bloggers

Find bloggers with a significant share of your target audience and negotiate advertising. To choose the right blogger, pay attention to the activity on his/her page, the way the material is presented, the core values and all the characteristics that are important to you.

Mutual PR

In addition to advertising at bloggers, you can arrange for mutual advertising with similar pages. This is also a quite effective method of increasing the page activity. And since both parties are interested in promotion, the content quality should be appropriate. Also, you can arrange the thematic community with other pages and promote each other as agreed.


Instagram is an example of a social network where hashtag promotion works great. Proper use of hashtags can significantly increase coverage and activity on the page. Here are some more tips to help you use hashtags properly to get more likes on Instagram:

  • create your own hashtag or hashtag system for content navigation;
  • choose medium-frequency niche hashtags to get promoted. For instance, #furniture is too general, and #whitecupboardstylefrench is too narrow. This doesn’t mean you can’t use them, but make sure you have midrange queries as well. They will give the greatest effect for promotion;
  • change hashtag combinations, don’t use the same threads that worked once too often;
  • try to put hashtags in different places (at the beginning of your post, in the middle or at the end of it, in comments, stories, etc.);
  • check which hashtags do not work and discard them.

Note that often too popular hashtags are blocked by Instagram itself and can cause a sharp decrease in the number of likes. Read about it in our article Why am I Suddenly Getting Less Likes on Instagram.


Consider using geolocation to your advantage. For example, you can add geolocations of the facilities your target audience visits. This way, those who are looking for information about the venue or facility, photos from celebrations or other events will be able to come across you and take an interest in your page. Checking in at famous places, shopping malls, etc. can also work well. Of course, the content must match your tag.

Links to other resources

You can also leave a link to the profile on other social networks, websites, forums, catalogs and other resources. In any case, if you manage to get the resource visitors interested, they will go to look at your profile.


This method can instantly increase the number of likes and subscriptions on your page, if approached correctly. Try to participate in liketimes immediately after creating the corresponding post. This way, you will start receiving responses and offers as soon as possible and will be able to stay at the top of the comments feed. In order to react quickly to liketimes, save their dates and times in advance.

Is there any use in buying likes and followers?

When discussing how to get Instagram likes, one should mention the fastest ways to get activity, namely – buying likes and followers. Actually, we often pay attention to the pages that already have some resonance among Instagram users. So sometimes the strategic purchase of likes and followers is justified. However, this is not a promotion method, but just a way to artificially create the visibility of activity to improve performance indicators. Therefore, you can use these methods at your own risk, but this will not eliminate the need to work on promoting your page.

Read more about this in our article Buying a Ready Instagram Account or Followers.

Purchase of an account with the audience


Pet Instagram Account for sale
Pet Instagram Account for sale

Account promotion actually takes a lot of time and resources. Very often, an effective alternative is to buy an Instagram account. This way, you can promote your brand without shouting into the void, but via connecting with an already gathered audience. Of course, this does not eliminate the need to continue working on the account and your own brand.

Would you like to choose a ready-made Instagram account for your business? Have a look at the accounts in our catalog or write to us to make an individual order.



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