How to Clear Instagram Cache: Tips for Newcomers

September 29, 2022

Lots of Instagram users use the application for several hours a day. They scroll the newsfeed, watch Reels videos, and enjoy their friends’ stories. And they even do not know that every piece of data they get is collected in the application’s cache.
Moreover, we are pretty sure that most of you even do not know what’s cache is. So it is quite a common problem when the cache is overloaded with the remains of data, some Instagram content pieces and so on. Maybe, it’s time to clean it?
We decided to explain to you how to clear the Instagram cache, why should you do this, and what steps you need to make when trying to clean it.

Why Is It Important to Clean Instagram Cache Regularly

First of all, what is a cache? In general, this is separate storage that uses the memory of your device to store the necessary information for a particular application. In short, the cache is all the data that you received from the application. In our case, we are talking about the Instagram cache.

What is in the Instagram cache folder? First of all, this is the data that the application requires for fast loading. For example, if you are logged in with multiple accounts, the cache will contain information about the passwords and login of each of them, a saved profile picture, and files with information about favourites for each account. This, no doubt, is useful because when you start Instagram, the application does not have to re-request this information from the user and download it from the servers.

The cache also contains information about the content that you viewed. You will be surprised, but any Instagram photo that you view in the application is saved to the cache folder in a special format. The same goes for videos. Imagine how many such temporary files are collected in the cache folder even after a couple of hours of using the application! And if you are subscribed to thousands of accounts, regularly review them, looking for new users to follow them?

As practice shows, already with several hours of using Instagram a day, your cache is filled with all these pieces of data and temporary files. And what is the end result? Instagram stops working correctly! The most obvious signs that the cache is full are as follows:

  • The application is too slow to load.
  • The application does not update the feed.
  • Some of the content just won’t load.

If you have come across this, it is worth reading about how to clean the Instagram cache.

We’re glad to share with you some ideas about it. Moreover, we do understand that you launch Instagram using different devices, so we prepared several guides on how to clear the cache on Instagram from your Android smartphone or tablet, from your PC or laptop, and from your iOS device be it an iPhone or an iPad.

How to Clear Instagram Cache on Android Devices

Let’s start with Android features. This OS is commonly used and still is the most popular among Instagram users all over the world.
That’s simple enough as Android offers quite a convenient Settings menu where you get access to every application and its cache. Instagram is no exception on the list.

So, all that you should do is just enter the Settings menu on your smartphone and get to its Applications catalogue. Then you need to click on the Instagram application. In the settings menu of Instagram, click on Memory and then choose the option Clean Cache in the right lower corner. That’s all!
Besides, if you use some special apps for memory cleaning on your Android device (i.e. Ccleaner or SuperClean) you can also use them to delete the cache of all the apps at once. The Instagram cache will also be cleaned.

How to Clean Instagram Cache on iPhone

iPhone lovers say their devices are the most convenient in use and user-friendly. Unfortunately, when it comes to the question of how to clear the Instagram cache on an iPhone, it’s not a piece of cake.

In most cases, the Instagram cache on iPhone is cleared automatically by iOS when the system runs out of free space, but if it doesn’t, you can do it manually.
The problem with the Instagram cache is especially noticeable when using older versions of Instagram and iPhone, where the amount of internal memory is small. In some cases, the Instagram cache can take up several GB of space.

The most effective way how to clear the cache on iPhone is to delete the application and reinstall it. The Instagram cache on iPhones is located in the Documents and Data section of the app. Currently, the only way to reliably remove this section is to manually uninstall and reinstall the app, as neither iOS nor the Instagram app has a built-in ability to uninstall Documents and Data.

To do this, follow the guideline:

  1. Open the Settings app on iPhone;
  2. Go to General/iPhone Storage;
  3. Wait for the storage information to load;
  4. Scroll down to the list of applications and find Instagram. Next to it will be indicated the amount occupied by the application in the storage. In some cases, the cache can take up several GB.
  5. Click Instagram;
  6. Click Delete Application;
  7. Confirm the deletion by clicking Delete application;
  8. Open your AppStore application on your device;
  9. Choose Instagram and download it again.

After reinstalling Instagram, you will need to re-authorize the application. If you open iPhone Storage, you will notice that the cache has been cleared and the overall size of the app has decreased.

Of course, it is not as convenient as on Android, so the question of how to clear the Instagram cache without deleting an app is also actual. There are many applications designed to clean the iPhone memory of junk and temporary files. But in practice, all of them only get rid of duplicate contacts, unnecessary photos and videos, they clear the cache on iOS poorly. Therefore, if you are pursuing the goal of freeing up memory, they are quite suitable. For example, you can try iMyFone, Phone Cleaner or Battery Saver. If the problem is errors and freezing of the Instagram application, we recommend reinstalling it.

Cleaning Cache on Instagram from Your PC or Laptop

For users who launch their IG account from a laptop, there is nothing difficult to clean the cache. This will be predominantly the search history cache yet sometimes, it is worth also cleaning the cache of the application in your PC browser. This depends on the browser but usually, you can easily do it in the browser’s settings. We’ll focus on search history cache cleaning instead of it.

Do Not Forget About Your Search History Cache!

One more thing you should do to boost your Instagram’s operation is to clean the search history regularly. It is also about your privacy as history helps Instagram algorithms to show you ads and sometimes, you just do not want anybody to know whose profiles you looked for.

So, to clean the search history cache, you need to:

  • Open Instagram and click on the magnifying glass icon in the bottom menu of the app.
  • Click on the search field, and you will see the entire search history. If you want to delete a selective entry, click on the cross next to the request. If you want to delete the entire search, click All/Clear All.

Take these tips as a routine as your Instagram cache needs to be cleaned at least once a month. For real Instagram addicts, this time should be even shorter. This may help you keep your Instagram working fast and loading all the content you want to enjoy.


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10 months ago.

Very good and informative article. I couldn’t figure out how to clear the Instagram cache because it takes up a lot of memory on the smartphone. Thanks to the article, I figured it out.



11 months ago.

For me, this post were very informative, interesting and useful. On my phone only 32 gb of memory and I always have not memory to download any game because of cache.


Gleb Nemirov

12 months ago.

Thank you for such an informative and useful article. I was looking for a reason why my Instagram app started to load so slowly, and I found this article. I cleaned my cache data on my Android phone, and now it is working as it should again. Besides, I have learned many new things about cache and Instagram. I didn’t know that every single pic or vid I watch is stored in memory. Well, as I said, it’s informative and useful! Thanks!



12 months ago.

Thanks for the useful information. Now I know how to free up additional space on the phone



1 year ago.

It’s very interesting and informative for me, thanks to the author for the advice)



1 year ago.

thanks for this article. I had no idea that you need to clear the cache on Instagram.



1 year ago.

Thank you for the article. Also, thanks for the advice you need to clear the cache at least once a month. I didn’t know that. you are very super



1 year ago.

very good article i always had problem with clearing catch in instagram it helped me alot . now i can easyliy clear this thank u so much



1 year ago.

Thank you for the article. I have been looking for a long time how to clear the Instagram cache on my phone. Also thanks for the advice that you need to clear the cache at least once a month. I did not know that.