How to Choose Good and Memorable Username for Instagram

April 8, 2022

Choosing a username for Instagram is an important stage in creating a personal profile or business account. This will determine how users perceive your page, remember your profile, as well as the effectiveness of further marketing. A poorly chosen username, on the contrary, makes it difficult to find your page and promote it on social networks.

In this article, we will talk about how to choose ig name and give some username ideas for Instagram.

How To Choose Ig Name

First of all, you should pay attention to the technical requirements. Instagram names can be a maximum of 30 characters and must contain only letters, numbers, dots, and underscores. You cannot use spaces, ampersands, or other special characters. In addition, some words are prohibited, e.g., follow.

In addition to meeting the technical requirements, good usernames must reflect the focus of the profiles, their theme, etc. However, these nuances the user decides on his or her taste and discretion.
Username ideas for Instagram largely depend on account type and your target audience. Approaches must differ for personal, commercial, and theme-based pages.

Personal profile. If you create a personal brand or have a personal page, the best solution is to use your own name, nickname, or words that describe you. The name can be shortened, modified, simplified, or combined with other words. The users often add words related to nationality, age, appearance, blog topic, etc.

Commercial profile. Certainly, you should use the brand or company name for the usernames of commercial pages. In this way, users will be assured that this is the official page of the brand and will recognize it among others. The words describing products/services or regions are often added to the name. However, this decision should be made carefully so as not to create limitations for the future.

Theme-based profile. If you are going to create a theme-based account, choose appropriate keywords for the page name. You can also choose an interesting wordplay or certain associations.

Basic recommendations for choosing a username

The following basic recommendations will help you to understand how to choose an Instagram name:

  • The simpler the better. The username can contain up to 30 characters, but try to keep it to at least 15. The short, sonorous usernames, as well as bright combinations of words without the excess of numbers, underlines and other characters, stick in memory the best.
  • Use the keywords. The basic solutions can be your name, nickname, brand name, thematic words describing the page, type of activity, services, etc.
  • Use one username for various sources. Be consistent and use the same name on different resources for your easy finding and recognizing.

Choosing username for Instagram involves relevance, consistency, and understanding of your page’s purpose. If you have a good understanding of what you are doing, then even violating all the recommendations (except the technical requirements) can bring you success.

Fitness Usernames for Instagram

Social media became a powerful tool to promote companies, products, and blogs related to a healthy lifestyle, exercise, and the collection of fitness programs. And of course, registering a new fitness page starts with the selection of catchy fitness Instagram names. For successful naming, you can use the name of the brand or your name, if appropriate. For themed pages about fitness, names that contain the following words are also suitable: fit, fitness, fitting, health, gym, superfit, workout, muscle, tone up, exercise, body, shape, etc.

You can also look in the dictionary of associations and find combinations with the corresponding words. For example, Merriam-Webster, America’s leading provider of language information, gives the following associations for the word fitness:

hardiness, lustiness, robustiousness, ruggedness, stamina, strength, toughness, vigor, vigorousness, vitality, bloom, flush, flushness, activeness, agility, liveliness, spryness, weal, welfare, well-being.

The following fitness usernames for Instagram are free now:

  • GymFolks
  • AtomicMuscles
  • Ant_Mode
  • Perfitmance
  • Wholesomenex
  • Yourfitbloom

We hope this information will help you to find the perfect Instagram username for your fitness business.

Nickname for Instagram for Girl

Good usernames can successfully emphasize your character or a certain feature. If you are looking for a nickname for Instagram for girl, you can pay attention to the names of literary or cartoon characters, names of animals, flowers, sweets, etc. You can also try to combine contrasting images, based on what you want to convey with your username. Here are some Instagram username ideas for girls:

  • FieryDaisy
  • JetOlive
  • SnowyAlyssum
  • BirdyTeya
  • BirdyAster
  • GoldeneyedSusan
  • MysteriousAster
  • SwallowsWing
  • Celosiania
  • ScarletAmour
  • UniCrown

Although Instagram has over a billion users, there remain countless combinations of words that can be a great reflection of your personality. So, experiment and combine words to find the best name for your account.

How to See if an Instagram Username is Taken

There are two ways to check Instagram username availability.

  • Check a username directly on Instagram. To do this, go to the account registration page, where you will be prompted to select your username. If the selected username is available, the V icon appears. If the name is not available, the X icon will appear in the username field. Continue entering names until you find an available one.
  • Use the Instagram username checker. Many websites allow quickly checking the username availability. For example, Instausername, Emailsverified and other.

How to Get a Taken Username on Instagram

In some cases, the username you particularly hoped for turns out to be not available. What can you do with different Instagram names when your name is taken? Well, if it doesn’t matter, you should keep looking for a similar name, add characters, or modify your idea. However, if it’s your brand name, you can work for an appropriate username.

  • First of all, you can try to negotiate with the page owner and buy the username.
  • If your brand name is being used illegally and claiming to be you, you can safely write to technical support. After providing the right information (contact information, registered trademark documents, etc.), you will most likely be given the right username.

If you’re just thinking about a brand name, we recommend checking your options on Instagram right away, because many combinations are already not available.

Naming is important for businesses. Often, we ignore food establishments, stores, and products simply because of an inappropriate, non-unique, or inconspicuous name, even if the establishment or product is noteworthy. In fact, choosing username for Instagram is also about naming. Don’t underestimate this step and think carefully about your future name. And we wish you good ideas and achieving your goals 😊


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6 months ago.

Of course, if the nickname is memorable, it will be best, but now it will be very difficult to choose one. At the moment, no matter what name or nickname you write, Instagram will still say that such a name already exists and it just breaks the whole system of these nicknames. After all, you can make it so that people can set themselves the login they want, and which one is not busy.



10 months ago.

Name spoofing or outright theft is, unfortunately, a fairly common problem. Well, the ways and methods of dealing with this are also being improved.



1 year ago.

I agree with this article… A well-chosen nickname is already a guarantee of success!!!



1 year ago.

for me, my nickname on instagram is the main thing. For this is the basis of my account and my face. For some extra slogans are not needed. I love interesting and meaningful nicknames on Instagram. The article is correct. interesting topic for me



1 year ago.

name on the page in instagram plays an important role in creating an image, so depending on what the page is created or personal or brand name will be special, thanks for this article, I learned how to create a unique name, article interests and AVAILABLE)



1 year ago.

In my opinion either personal profile or commercial profile must be easy to remember. Too long names are forgettable.