How to Change Username On Instagram

September 1, 2022

When you only start your activity on Instagram, there are lots of situations you may be confused about. How to get followers? How to create interesting content? How to improve some mistakes you’ve done as a novice user, after all? The last question often gets the scaling up in the form of the request on how to change username on Instagram. That question is the matter of disclosure we’ve chosen in Royalgram for our new article. So, let’s start with it.

Reasons to Change Username on Instagram

You may already know that a good and catchy username is one of the key factors for the success of your Instagram account. As usual, newcomers do not pay attention to what is their usernames about and how to choose a good and memorable username for Instagram. Yet this is very important when you have some high expectations from your IG account to promote it.

So the question of how to change the username is not a rare one. There are several reasons to do this.

  • You have chosen the username that doesn’t suit your Instagram account’s goals. For example, you have an account devoted to beauty care but the username that sounds something like @brutalguy or @hotchick is not a perfect match for it. Maybe, you’ve created it just by the occasion. But for further promotion, it is better to change it.
  •  Your Instagram username resembles someone else. There is no plagiarism, in fact, but it can play a dirty trick on you. Who would like to be compared with someone else? That’s the reason to change the username to something more unique.
  • When you buy a ready-made IG account that already has tons of followers and a good reputation but you want to change its topic. We have already published a good article full of useful tips about how to promote an Instagram page after purchase. Be sure that changing a username is one of them. Especially, if you want to add your own features to the account, not just use the fame you’ve got from it.

Whatever the reason you have to change the username on Instagram, we have something to tell you about how to do this easily and effectively.

How to Check the Free Username on Instagram to Use It for Your Account

There are two main approaches to the choice of the free username you can use.

  • Just try your chance and register the username you want. In some cases, if the name is free, you’ll be a lucky guy to get it for your account. If the name is already used, you may try some similar usernames adding extra symbols or using symbols like _ or – to add uniqueness to the chosen username. For example, when you want to name your IG account @flowergirl, it is 99% it is already used. So, why not try @_flowergirl, @flower_girl, @f_lowergirl or something like that?
  • Use special tools like Namecheckr to check whether the username is free.
    How to Change IG Username from PC

Then it’s time to change the username. When you use your PC for it, all you need to do is to follow the steps we’ve indicated:

  • Open your profile page in a browser and click the Edit Profile button.
  • Delete the information indicated in the Name field.
  • Type the new name in the field and push the Send button.

Besides, when you change the name of your account in the web version, you can add some luxury to it by choosing unique fonts.

How to Change IG Username from Smartphone

Do not forget that on Instagram, there are two fields that are responsible for the username you use. One of them is the username as-is. It is unique and, in fact, it is your log-in name. One more option is the Name (nickname) that is shown in your Profile. For example, you may have a username @_flowergirl_ you have registered with. At the same time, your Name in the Profile can be indicated as Jane Doe. This option you can change whenever you want but the username can be changed no more often than once in 14 days.

To change your Instagram username from your mobile device, you need to do the following:

  • Launch your Instagram app.
  • Click on your account icon in the lower right corner of the screen to go to your profile page.
  • Push the Edit Profile button.
  • In case you have a business account, you need to click the Change button. For private accounts, you can just edit the Username field.
  • Then you need just to push the Done button.

That’s all!

What to Do to Change Your Username More Often Than Once a Fortnight

There is a limitation for username editing attempts. If you are interested how many times can you change your name on Instagram, the answer is as follows?

  • For nicknames (Name), there are almost no limitations but the name you choose will be reserved for 14 days so as no one else will play jokes with it trying to adopt a false identity.
  • For Usernames, if you do not break the rules, you can do it twice and then, you should wait no less than 14 days to try one more time.

This is a rule which is provided to avoid fraud. But is there a loophole for changing the username more often? And how to change a username before 14 days? We can tell you a secret tip about that.

So, follow our guide and get results!

  1. If you have expired all two attempts to change the name, just delete the name at all so that your followers will see just the login.
  2. Then open your Edit Profile menu and enter the name you want.
  3. Do not save the changes before you take a screenshot of these changes. Then cancel the changes you made.
  4. Open the sidebar menu on your app. Then you need to enter the Settings menu and choose the Help option.
  5. After that click Report a Problem. That is how you contact the Instagram support team.
  6. Choose the option Report a Problem one more time.
  7. In the opened window, add your screenshot to a box.
  8.  Enter the field with the description of the problem you report about. You can write something like “I accidentally changed my Instagram account name twice and now I cannot return the correct option that should be like on a screenshot. Please, help me to solve the problem.”. Send that report to the support team. If you haven’t broken the rules of the platform, there are chances Instagram support will help you and rename your account as shown on the screenshot.

Do not try to make that trick very often. But sometimes, it can come in handy for an urgent name change.

A username is a user’s business card, which potential subscribers, first of all, pay attention to. It shouldn’t be too long or too complex, contain some symbols that are difficult to comprehend, or just the username is not related to the field of activity at all or hints at a different field. All these mistakes require you to change the username. If you want your Instagram account to gain success, of course.

Choose the most informative and attractive username for your Instagram account and do not be shy to change it to the better one if you have purchased an account that has a badly sounding username. Use our tips to make it easy for you and gain success from the brilliantly chosen username.


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Interesting article) interesting information for people who are interested in promoting their page and promoting their store or brand) You have to try it in practice) Thanks for the useful information)



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