How Many Likes Should You Get on Instagram

June 7, 2021

If you are developing a personal blog or promoting a business page on Instagram, you are in any case paying attention to the user activity statistics in your profile. And this is not surprising at all! All of us need to see the audience’s reaction to our work, and the likes and the number of followers on Instagram reflect such a reaction. However, it is often difficult to assess the activity. After all, how to understand how many likes should you get on Instagram? In this article, we will try to deal with this issue.

How Many Likes Should You Get per Followers? Engagement Rate formula

You are not the first to wonder how many likes should you get on Instagram. You need to understand that there is no single answer for everyone, but you can compare the activity in your profile with the indicators of other users and continue to be guided by average data and your own goals/ambitions.

The Engagement Rate formula was introduced to collect and compare the data from different users. This calculation helps to find out how many likes you should get per followers. Here is one of the most common formulas for determining Engagement Rate

Engagement Rate = Total Engagement / Total Followers x 100%

As claimed by various sources, a rate of up to 4% is OK. However, not everything is so simple. According to the formula, 4-5 likes will be a good result for 500 followers. This is not quite true. Note that a good engagement rate depends on the scale of your account.

Thus, most posts receive about 10-20% likes from the total number of followers on small accounts, 5% on medium accounts (from 10 thousand followers) and 1-3% on large accounts (over 100k followers). Read more in our article about Good Engagement Rate for Instagram

How Many Likes Should I Be Getting on Instagram if I Have 500 Followers?

Our experience shows that a good indicator for the accounts with up to 10k followers is 10-20% of the total number of followers. That is, for an account with 500 followers, a good indicator is 50 or more likes.

How Many Likes Should You Get With 1000 Followers?

100 or more likes on an account with 1000 followers can be considered a sufficient number. However, it all depends on your goals and expenses (time/costs) for promoting your account. Therefore, you often need to focus on higher indicators.

Also, when analyzing the activity in your profile, you should pay attention to the sources of likes and determine which of them are a priority for you. We will talk about this too.

Sources of Likes on Instagram

It should be understood that there are several main sources of likes on Instagram. And if you are asking how many likes you should have, you have to consider which sources you use to promote your account and which of them are important to you.

Likes From Followers

It is clear that you get a certain number of likes from your followers. Usually, however, only some of those who have subscribed to you like your posts. It’s about Instagram algorithms. They change frequently, but now one thing remains the same: the less a follower interacts with your account, the less often Instagram shows him/her your updates. In other words, your posts are only shown to those of your followers who are most likely to like them.

How many likes should you get on Instagram from followers only? If you rely on the followers’ likes only and do not involve other sources, you should focus on the lower limit of the engagement rate range, which we have discussed above.

Here are the main ways to increase the number of likes from followers on Instagram.

  • Creation of quality content on a regular basis. Only in this way you will keep the attention of most of your followers and ensure constant account development.
  • Interaction with the audience. Your activity is of key importance! When you like and comment on the posts of your followers, you thereby draw their attention to your page and remind them of yourself. In addition, your follower’s audience may get interested in your content.
  • Reminders of the importance of activity. If you’re promoting your page, it’s important to remind people from time to time that they should react to stories, like posts, etc. After all, sometimes users actually like the page, but they just forget to express it.

If you are expecting more than just likes from your followers and want to develop your account, you should use different sources to increase the activity.

Likes From Other Instagram Users

You can get likes from people who are not subscribed to you but somehow find your content. Such search methods can be:

  • Direct search. People can intentionally look for your account if they hear something interesting about you or remember your profile once. That’s why users are so concerned about a short sound username that is easy to remember.
  • Hashtags and geolocations. Hashtags can significantly affect the number of likes in your profile. Read more about how to choose hashtags for your post here.
  • Advertising. You can always take advantage of Instagram offers and set up ads that will increase the number of followers and likes on your profile.
  • Activity. Users can visit your profile from other people’s pages. This happens when you leave comments, or there are mentions of you on other pages (it can be advertising in posts, stories, and organic mentions).
  • Your attention and answers. Be grateful for the activity in your profile. It is not so difficult to respond to user comments or at least some of them, write back a message in direct, thank for the activity, or encourage the most active visitors to your page, even if they have not yet subscribed. Such things are rarely overlooked.

If you have learned to use all sources to get likes properly, you can easily increase the activity in your profile dozens of times. It’s hard to predict how many likes you should get on Instagram if you use all of these methods. However, they definitely work for you and increase the engagement rate results.

Fake Engagement and Mutual Activity

Another source of likes is an artificial increase in activity. These methods can both help you develop your accounts and harm you. Instagram is known to oppose the actions of bots and automated operations.

Keep in mind that fake engagement can only be an additional tool to promote your Instagram account. But it will not replace all the stages of promotion.

Not Quantity, but Quality

Too often, Instagram users pay too much attention to numbers that say nothing. People opt for fake engagement to boost their activity indicators and believe that this is enough for the popularity and success of a brand or blog. However, this is not the case. Your content and the interaction with the audience are far more important than the number of followers, likes, comments, or views. They only partially show the true state of affairs regarding the particular page popularity.

That is why we offer you to buy an account with the desired number of followers and continue to pay attention not to the numbers but to the content. Choose one of our carefully selected Instagram Accounts for Sale and keep thoughtfully and beneficially promoting your account. This way, you’ll get to the top with the hashtags faster, more people will go to your account, and you’ll be able to promote your blog or business faster.

You can express your opinion on How Many Likes Should You Get on Instagram in the comments section. Also, you can share your experience and leave a link to your own account.

We wish you success!


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