How Many Followers Should You Have on Instagram to Make Money

June 16, 2021

While Dwayne Johnson, Kylie Jenner, Cristiano Ronaldo, Kim Kardashian earn about $1 million per post. At the same time, millions of Instagram users are scratching their heads in search of ideas on how to monetize their accounts and start making money. The good news is that you don’t need to be world-famous to make money on Instagram. But it doesn’t mean you can just wait for success with folded arms. In this article, we will talk about how many followers should you have on Instagram to make money and what are the ways to make such money.

Basic Ways to Monetize Instagram Page

There are various ways to earn money and monetize your Instagram page. The most popular of them are:

  • cooperation with brands and ad placement;
  • sale of own goods or services;
  • partner sales;
  • work as an assistant, manager for another blogger, influencer;
  • maintaining accounts for other brands and companies.

How many followers should you have on Instagram to make money these ways? You could say that the more, the better, but that’s not quite true. For some of these ways to earn money on Instagram, the number of followers on your account is not as important as your communication skills, competence in a particular area, the ability to sell, produce a quality product, etc.

It should be noted, however, that in almost any case, a developed Instagram account can become a great advantage and a decisive factor for making profit. Live, active accounts with the evident support and loyalty of the audience and the followers’ trust are especially valuable.

How Many Followers Should You Have on Instagram to Make Money on Advertising

Advertising integration is one of the most common and the most desirable ways to earn money for Instagram users. To summarize, you must have more than 5,000 followers and about 310 sponsored posts worth $350 per post to earn $100,000 annually. You can enter other desired earnings and calculate the relevant data about views and followers here.

Well, 5,000 followers seems quite an achievable goal. However, to offer advertising at a good price and have regular customers, you need something more than just a particular number of followers. You need a loyal audience that trusts you. This is what brands pay for when they order advertising from bloggers. No wonder successful bloggers are called influencers.

Influencers are Instagram users who are able to influence their audience, have a good reputation and a large number of followers and fans.

It is important to understand that fans in this respect are just as essential as followers. These are people who are not just subscribed to bloggers, but actively show their love, listen to the blogger’s advice and are ready to follow his or her recommendations. That is why when choosing bloggers for cooperation, brands pay attention to the activity of the account and the authority of the blogger, which is very difficult to forge.

Thus, you have 2 tasks:

  • achieve a certain number of followers (for example, 5 000 followers);
  • win the trust of your audience by offering interesting content.

That’s when you can get money from maintaining an Instagram page.

You are not your followers count


Start making money on Instagram

Your authority is important! And we are sure that you have something to say to the audience. If this is the case, then reaching 5,000 followers is not a difficult, though troublesome task. As your account grows, you will be able to earn even more money and open new opportunities in your business.

You can also buy an Instagram account with the required number of followers and adapt it for yourself and your audience. This will give you a big boost to the page development, speed up the entry of your posts into the Instagram top, and attract the attention of more users than the newly created account.

We wish you to achieve your goals and successfully develop your own projects on Instagram!


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11 months ago.

A really relevant topic for the article, as nowadays most people are looking for earnings online. Instagram is a great way to make money if you know how to get started. This article will make it much easier to start your business.



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Indeed, Instagram is a good way to make money! Very cool article! Thank you for the information provided!



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Interesting and useful topic to help future bloggers. A lot of people want to earn money on Instagram. It’s one of the easiest ways. Firstly, we need to get followers and then money. I hope your tips help me to achieve it


Daun Shiwing

1 year ago.

A very useful article, just what I need at any time