Payment Method

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  • What data do I receive after the payment?

    You will get login/password to an Instagram account and the linked email.

  • When do I receive the account data?

    We send all the data for accessing the account immediately after receiving the payment. Bitcoin payment can take from several minutes to a couple of hours. The payment by PayPal will be proceeded in a few minutes.

  • Will my subscribers unfollow me after the change of topic?

    After the content change, you can actually notice the reduction in the number of subscribers. It depends on many factors (the content quality, location, language, topics similarity, posts frequency, etc.), but usually the number of unfollows does not exceed 5%.

  • Will you return the funds if the account does not fit me?

    After receiving the data, you will have 24 hours to check all the account characteristics, and during this time, you can return the account if it isn’t good enough for you. Please note that you won’t be able to return the account after making any changes (login, password to the account or email, content, etc.).