Category: Instagram Accounts Purchase

16 NOV 2021
buy and sell instagram account

Why do People Buy and Sell Instagram Accounts?

To succeed and achieve the set goals in social media, new brands and even well-known companies often buy Instagram account or fake activity (likes, followers,…

31 AUG 2021
buy instagram account safely

How to Buy an Instagram Account Safely and Profitably

We recently talked about the places where one can buy an Instagram account. Whichever option you choose, you need to be careful and attentive to…

11 JUL 2021
Bitcoin as the best currency to buy Instagram accounts

Why Bitcoin Is the Best Currency to Buy Instagram Accounts

As you know, you can buy an Instagram account on Royalgram by paying for the purchase with Bitcoin (BTC) or another cryptocurrency. We used to…

02 JUN 2021
What is Engagement Rate (ER)

What is a Good Engagement Rate for Instagram in 2021

Instagram engagement rate is an important indicator that needs to be particularly considered when buying an account. Also, ER calculation can be of use in…

07 MAY 2021
ig page promoting

How to Promote Instagram Page after Purchase

Buying an account often becomes the best solution for those who want to profitably present their business, brand or an item, but do not have…