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August 17, 2020

Organic promotion of an Instagram account is a lengthy and costly process. Very often the users who cannot devote much time to their account promotion are looking for other ways to create a large audience for their pages. One of such methods is the purchase of Instagram followers. In this article, we are going to explore the pros and cons of such a decision. We will find out what is actually better for promotion: followers purchase or buying a ready account with the required number of users.

Followers purchase – quick, clear and… pointless

In our opinion, it’s not the time to beat around the bush and state this method of promotion on Instagram is effective. Subscribers purchase just creates the illusion of an account activity but does not change the real picture. Except that, let’s be objective. This method still has some evident benefits:

Quick process. Purchase of followers is an easy and practically instant process. One just needs to pay for the service and watch the subscribers grow up to the specified number. Along with that, nothing at all is needed from you: no interesting content, no activity and no creativity.

  • Guaranteed result. If you use the verified services, then everything you need to do is just indicate the required number of subscribers. The programs strictly control the ordered number of followers/likes and will definitely accomplish your request.
  • Convenient budget planning. While organic promotion is very unpredictable in terms of costs and results, the purchase of followers has a fixed price and understandable outcome. Thus, you will always know how much you have to pay in order to get the long-awaited number “100,000 subscribers”.
  • Loyalty of visitors after superficial acquaintance with the profile. Accounts with a big number of subscribers inspire more confidence from Instagram users. They follow them more often and are more active.

It should be noted that the last item has one simple but important clarification: people do not like being taken for fools, or when others try to somehow deceive them. Users follow popular accounts not because of the subscribers number, but because of the activity and live interest of the audience. Everyone wonders why a particular account attracts users so much. When it becomes clear that the crowd in front of a fair stand is just a hoax, all the effect of activity will evaporate.

Also, there are other drawbacks of buying subscribers:

  • No activity. The bought followers are mass-produced bots, and not live people. They neither actually follow your account, like, comment, nor share any information about you. In the long haul, they will never be your actual buyers or customers. In fact, this is just a number in the ‘Subscribers’ line.
  • Instagram sanctions risk. The network fights the fraud with subscribers number and can block the account for violation of the rules. So be ready for the situation when instead of 100 thousand followers you will have only 800 of them left.

In our opinion, buying followers on Instagram is an ineffective and unjustified method of account development. However, if you are promoting your account using organic methods, you can partially use it as one of the items of the plan. For example, you can buy a reasonable number of followers and likes at the very beginning of your account promotion, so the real followers do not enter a completely empty account. By doing so, remember: the most important thing is high-quality content, interesting offer and proper further promotion of the account.

likes and followers

Instagram account purchase – everything has already been done for you

In this section, we are going to talk about Instagram accounts you can buy on our website, so we are not going to deal with the topic of dishonest sellers, frauds and accounts with illegally bought data. We promote our accounts ourselves or buy them from verified sellers and adjust the accounts correspondingly.

Buying an Instagram account has numerous advantages:

Ready audience. The offered accounts have time and money already invested in them, and the optimal promotion methods have already been selected for them with due regard to the respective region, niche, topic, etc.

  • Live followers. When buying an account, you get real Instagram users who follow it to a certain extent and are active. Your task will be not to lose their interest and continue maintaining the account in a quality manner.
  • Quick process. Instagram account purchase is not a single click process as in the case with ordering followers. However, this will not take too much time as well. You can get your account as soon as in an hour after you’ve decided to buy it.
  • Ability to refuse from the purchase. You will have 24 hours after the receipt of all the account data to understand if it fits you, to review the activity, the followers’ accounts, etc. If you have not changed the access data and have not deleted the page content, you will be able to return the account.
  • Transparent price and analytical data. When you are promoting an account by yourself, you never know how much money you will spend and what the result will be. When buying an account, you understand everything: the price and the outcome.
  • Favorable discount system. We are always trying to meet our customers halfway and offer a beneficial discount for the accounts. Thus, you will definitely get a discount when paying for your order with cryptocurrency, or when ordering several accounts. Other cases will be discussed on an individual basis.

As you can see, we want our customers to actually benefit from buying an Instagram account. However, it won’t be fair to keep silent about the potential drawbacks of such a decision.

  • Unfamiliar audience. When obtaining a new Instagram account, you get acquainted with the audience for the very first time, so you actually do not know what to expect from them. So, it is not always possible to understand the audience immediately and establish the utmost loyal and friendly relationships. If it is an important component of your idea, you will need some time and observation to build good relationships.
  • Potential failure with choosing a niche. In most cases, it is easy for the buyers to find out which profile should be selected for the purchase. Travel agencies opt for the accounts about trips, and accounts with beautiful portraits are often chosen for personal accounts, etc. There can be the niches, however, for which it may be more difficult to make such a choice. In unsuccessful cases, a buyer may not get the expected effect from the audience. It should be noted that we have never encountered such cases. However, we recommend in advance to choose an account as attentively as possible, and evaluate all the nuances before the purchase.
  • Unsubscribed followers. It’s the natural consequence of buying an account and introducing rapid changes in the profile content and topic. But you shouldn’t worry. Usually, those who unfollow the account do not make more than 5% of the total number of followers.

Purchase of an Instagram account is a truly favorable and effective solution for implementing creative ideas and your own business development. Still, you should not forget that the account, in any case, will require your time and attention, but you will no longer speak in a vacuum. Instead, you will have an already formed audience and great support.

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What to choose for business development or a personal blog?

Of course, a perfect solution would be organic Instagram account promotion performed by yourself. In this case, you will ponder over each action and will be able to manage all the nuances of audience formation. However, this is a very burdensome process, so, if you don’t have so much time, we recommend choosing an alternative option.

If we compare buying an Instagram account and buying bot followers, the cost of these methods is practically the same, but the difference in effectiveness is huge. That is why we recommend to buy an Instagram account on Royalgram and continue developing it not from zero level but from a high and quality point. This way, you will save time, money, and get the desired result.

To buy an Instagram account, please go to the catalog.

Royalgram wishes you interesting ideas, effective solutions and a great mood.


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