Best Ways to Use Reels on Instagram

September 30, 2021

Instagram Reels is a content format allowing to create and publish short entertaining videos that, unlike Instagram Stories, do not disappear after 24 hours.

Recently, users have criticized Reels and mostly considered them an unnecessary clone of TikTok. Some time passed, however, and it became clear that this is a new and very effective content format to attract the attention of large audiences. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of Reels and the options of using their functionality.

What are Instagram Reels?

Reels is a separate content format within Instagram allowing users to create short and interesting video materials. You can use the video editing tools offered by the editor: add multiple video clips, apply filters, captions, stickers, interactive background, etc. This way you can create videos lasting from 3 to 60 seconds.

To view the popular Reels videos, you need to click on the clapperboard icon at the bottom of the Instagram home page. If you want to watch a particular user’s video, go to their page and click on the clapperboard icon before the main content bar (the icon will be displayed if the user has uploaded at least one Reels video).

How the Reels format affects the Instagram account promotion

Users have long noticed that Reels promote pages significantly. There are several reasons for this.

  • Attention to the new. Initially, users were testing the new tool and paid a lot of attention to exploring the new features. Therefore, those who immediately started using these short videos for their accounts received good traffic and the support of a new audience.
  • Convenient format. Let’s be honest: we all happen to spend too much time watching videos with cats, short tutorials or someone’s beautiful moments. This format does not bore and holds the viewers’ attention as long as possible.
  • Extensive functionality. Reels offer enough tools to make interesting and vivid videos to draw the users’ attention to your business, brand or personal blog.
  • Displaying in Explore and Trending Reels. Your popular videos will be displayed in the feed with all Trending Reels and may appear on the Explore page. Also, they will be found by hashtags, and you will be able to add them to the Stories or your content feed. Thus, you will have different sources of traffic.
  • Instagram support. The social network is most interested in promoting the Reels format, so Instagram itself contributes to the effective coverage of your videos and good statistics. You are much more likely to reach a much larger audience and get more engagement from new people on Reels than any other feature on Instagram.

Moreover, mastering the new functionality always means growth and new opportunities. So you should try Reels too for achieving your own purposes.

Instagram Reels how to use

How to successfully use Reels on Instagram?

Here are some general tips for using Reels effectively:

  • Choose popular music.
  • Follow the trends.
  • Show your personality, offer something new.
  • Use appropriate hashtags.
  • Add new Reels on a regular basis.
  • Share Reels on your Story and Feed.
  • Get inspired by other users’ videos and the environment.

Also, here are some specific ways to use Reels to get promoted on Instagram.

  1. Share educational materials. Reels are a great option to create short tutorials or to-do materials. You can show something related to your brand: speeded up makeup tutorials, review of skin care procedures, cooking tips, financial secrets, proper use of your products, etc. Even if you run a personal blog, we are still convinced that you have something to teach other Instagram users.
  2. Show your products or services. With the proper content use and promotion, your video will be seen by a large number of users who are not following you. Therefore, this is a great opportunity to showcase your product. Make your video bright, interesting or with humor, so that the users don’t scroll through it. In addition, you can cooperate with opinion leaders to promote a particular product in their Reels.
  3. Share behind the scenes moments. This is the video format that can really win the viewers’ trust. Behind the scenes moments are all about authenticity, sincerity, failures and success. Such videos bring you and your audience together and reveal your values even better than the perfect ad picture. Here you can show how you choose materials for your products, how you make a certain product, how you or your team live. Share your own ideas, failures and funny moments.
  4. Announce sales or special offers. Short accurate videos are perfect for a quick demonstration of promo campaigns. After all, if your offer is really beneficial, then a few seconds will be more than enough to attract attention.
  5. Create ads on Instagram Reels. Instagram allows adding promotional materials to Reels. So you can take this opportunity. Be careful not to advertise too intrusively. Keep in mind that people watch Reels videos not to find new shoes or a travel company, but to have fun and relax. Use this format feature for your success.

Instagram Reels pros and cons

Relax and enjoy the Reels creation process

We know how eager you are to gain popularity on Instagram, to show your brand, business or personal blog in the best way. However, sometimes you just need to relax and allow yourself to have fun. Reels create all the conditions for this. Try new formats to communicate with the audience, be yourself and share what really interests you. That way, you won’t burn out and have a lot of inspiration to create content on Instagram. We wish you new ideas and fun creating!


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12 months ago.

It’s very interesting and important arcticle about Reels as as a way to promote the account, thanks for the cool life hacks😉



1 year ago.

I really like Instagram, especially the reels feature. In my opinion, it is very convenient and practical, you can show everything around you in the form of a short video. Process it and present it to people as you wish.



1 year ago.

Instagram Reels are now very popular and convenient, this content allows you to quickly reach a large audience. It is important that in a short time you can make a quick video that will attract people to your page.



2 years ago.

In my opinion, Instagram Reels is very popular and convenient today, this content allows you to quickly reach a large audience. It is important that in a short time you can make a quick video that will attract people to your page.



2 years ago.

I believe that Instagram Reels is very popular and convenient nowadays, this content allows you to quickly reach a large audience. It is important that in a short time it is possible to make a quick video that will attract people to your page.