6 Simple Steps to Promote Instagram Page for More Followers

December 28, 2020

Instagram has become one of the largest platforms for developing brands, personal blogs or businesses. Here you can gather a target audience with almost any interests, increase brand awareness and connect with buyers/customers.

However, there is another side of the coin – the oversaturation of the information space. According to statistics, Instagram now has more than 1 billion active users. More than 500 million active users are exploiting the platform daily, and near 2 million advertisers use Instagram on a monthly basis. Competing and attracting the attention of the target audience is becoming increasingly difficult, and the account promotion takes more and more time and money.

We have been promoting IG pages since 2012, when organic promotion could achieve much greater results than it can achieve now. During this time, we have developed about a thousand accounts, created effective promotion strategies, which have been constantly improved and adjusted depending on Instagram modifications.

Now we offer you to buy IG-accounts with the desired number of subscribers (you can find part of the accounts in the catalog). However, we also do not mind sharing the basic promotion principles and tell you about the process of working with IG accounts. As you read this article, remember that every business and every case requires an individual approach and a different strategy, so choose what is right for your particular situation and adjust the stages to your own goals.

  1. Previous research

So let’s get started. To establish an effective channel for presenting a certain idea, you first need to gather information and form an understanding of to whom and how you will communicate your idea. In order to do that:

  • Define the goals of creating an Instagram page. Yes, it will help you understand what to do, what to consider, and what requires less time.
  • Identify the target audience. Both your personal perceptions of the target followers and independent research are important – niche analysis, competitors’ audiences study, statistics, etc.
  • Choose the preliminary development strategy. Answer the questions that are important for the process of promoting and interacting with Instagram users. How many posts per week do you need to reach your goals? Only photos are needed, or maybe also descriptions or extensive texts? Is the number of subscribers, sales or, perhaps, the interest of a certain segment of the audience a priority?

Down the road, you will start with this data at all stages – from choosing the colors of the elements and the format of the publications to the advertising settings.

  1. Account preparation

Once you understand who you are working with and why, you can move on. At this stage:

  • Create an account, take care of its security and don’t forget to switch to a business account to access the statistics.
  • Choose a simple and straightforward nickname for your page (page address) as well as a name. We recommend that your nickname and actual name be different, otherwise you will have fewer key phrases to be found on social media.
  • Fill in the basic information, make sure the description is clear, grammatically correct and interesting. Add contacts, the website, a button for an intended action – anything you find useful for engaging your users.
  • Upload a logo or image representing your page and blog/company.

The initial stage is important, because it will be the basis for further interaction with the target audience. However, it is also crucial not to get stuck in the preparation of the page. If you do not like your description, image or design, then over time you will be able to change any of these elements.

  1. Working with content

This is one of the main aspects, which helps to promote Instagram page without paying. In most cases, it is the content that defines the success of the page. So please follow these tips:

Create a content plan. In the future, it will become your most effective assistant ensuring that your posts are relevant and published on a regular basis. Review your existing topics
(if you are planning informational content), images, ideas and schedule your posts for the coming week. Preparing the material in advance will allow you to regularly post and popularize Instagram account.

Offer various content formats. This is another way to appear in front of your audience. Share the best posts in stories and, if possible, prepare material for other types of content as well (stories, live broadcasts, reals, etc.).

  1. Increased coverage

Working on increasing coverage takes a long time, but this is the most effective approach for organic promotion (that is, if you do not have the material with which you can create a lot of excitement and gather 1 million subscribers). Here’s what will help you reach a larger audience:

Tags. Add 3-5 thematic tags to each post, try various tag combinations, analyze their effectiveness to develop a strategy.

Geolocation. By specifying a location associated with a photo, you show the post to the users who are interested in a particular place and search for its image on Instagram.

Cooperation. Support in promotion is always a big plus. You can agree on mutual PR with the pages that are somehow related to your topic or business. If you have a business page, you can offer your customers a discount for advertising your account. If you have an art page, there will always be similar accounts with which you can advertise each other.

Publishing content of other users. People tend to share something that favorably represents them from a certain angle. Of course, this will not suit everyone, but if you know how to benefit from a particular idea, try implementing it. You can post photos of customers with your products, feedbacks, images related to your topic, etc. There are many accounts the main format of which involves posting photos of other users. It’s interesting, and it’s very easy to find good content and develop a page fairly quickly.

Mass following, mass liking, comments. To be noticed, show that you notice others. Very often, users visit the accounts that demonstrate some interest in them. It still works, and will probably always work.

  1. Advertising settings

The content and activity alone make it difficult to develop an account quickly, so if you have the opportunity to invest money in promoting your account, do so. Choose the posts that grab your users’ attention and customize your ads.

Setting up an advertising campaign is a fairly straightforward process. You’ll have to select a landing page where the users will go after seeing your ad, choose an audience segment for your ad (customize it manually or opt for automatic selection for your subscribers), and set the duration and budget of your ad campaign.

Also, you can order advertisements on the bloggers’ pages and larger accounts where your target audience is gathered.

During and after the ad campaign, analyze the results to stop or continue the campaign and to determine the effectiveness of this type of promotion.

  1. Interaction with the audience

If you do everything correctly and scrupulously, you will get the attention of the audience and the activity of subscribers. Do not ignore them:

  • Answer the questions in the comments and direct;
  • Ask questions yourself in posts or stories;
  • Be active;
  • Accept offers that can help you move forward.

In any case, you must spend a lot of time on your account, and the larger the audience on the page, the more effort you will need to put in to raise the bar. And you have to do it until you achieve the commitment and loyalty of your subscribers.

Start promoting the account that has already gathered your target audience

Promoting an Instagram page is a quite clear process, but it requires a lot of time, attention and money. But other business processes and tasks cannot be ignored as well. Whatever your attitude to buying accounts, it is often the best option for presenting your business. If you understand the benefits of our offer, go to our catalog and choose an account that has already gathered thousands of subscribers and is ready for further promotion.

This alternative gives many benefits to business owners

On the one hand, you will get an already developed page with followers to whom you can offer your content, services, products.

However, even if users don’t respond to your suggestions the way you’d like them to, you still have an important development tool. In fact, social network users are much more likely to join the accounts many people are interested in. Such pages arouse trust and interest, because for some reason they have already attracted the attention of several thousand people. What is there? You will have a head start, a kind of a trump card that will play in your favor.

We will tell you more about working with purchased accounts in the next article. In the meantime, you can go to our catalog and buy IG-accounts promoted by us. We will be happy to provide you with an effective platform for the development of your business.


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