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Royalgram is a convenient catalog of active accounts. We offer you to buy Instagram pages with followers and guarantee safety for all the website users.

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    Is Buying Instagram Accounts Worth It?

    Instagram Accounts for Sale is a solution for quick growth on social media. So, yes, it's definitely worth it, if you know what to do after the purchase. Once you have bought an Instagram account, you will still need to spend a lot of time on social media, publish your best content and shape your target audience. However, you will not need to start your promotion from scratch. And your account will grow much faster. In our catalog, we have collected our active Instagram accounts for sale, which are perfect for promoting personal blogs, businesses, and brands in various industries. It is very easy and 100% safe to purchase Ig pages on Royalgram. Buy real accounts and enjoy one of the fastest ways of increasing your brand awareness, winning over new customers, and achieving other goals.

    • Organic live audience (no bots).
    • High engagement (check the catalog).
    • Local pages for business or personal blogs promotion.
    • Possibility of the individual order for users, who hasn’t found the required listing.
    • Informational support for buyers.
    • Various price categories.
    • Lots of options.
    • Security as a top priority.


    Here you will find only active Instagram accounts for sale. After the change of the data, only you will have access to the purchased account.


    All you have to do is choose the account and follow further instructions. For your convenience, we offer several payment options.


    We process your applications immediately within the work schedule. All the information is ready for transfer to the new owner.


    Do you have any questions about buying an Instagram account? We provide all website users with technical support. Also, here you may find useful thematic articles.

    Accounts by Order.

    Haven’t you found the required account? Leave a request with the description of the Instagram account you need, and we will select it for you in our database.


    How Can I Buy an Instagram Account?

    We are committed to providing you with an opportunity to buy an Instagram account as conveniently and easy as possible. On each account page, there is basic information and the valid price indicated. By visiting a relevant Instagram account, you can check the data validity. Before the purchase, you will get the answers to all your questions that may arise.

    Get your Instagram account for:

    60 MIN

    Account Selection

    Select a listing in our catalog that suits you in terms of all characteristics. After specifying all the details, press β€œBuy”.



    You will be offered several payment options to choose from. Select the most convenient one and pay for your order.


    Data Change

    After the payment, you will receive all the data for managing your account and the instruction about the change of the login data.

    • I want to buy Instagram account

      To buy an Instagram account, choose it in the catalog, press β€œBuy now” button and fill the form. After receiving the money, we will transfer the account data to you. Remember: on any stage you can write to us and get answers to all the questions.

    • How can I pay for the account?

      You can choose a payment option that is convenient for you. Pay for the order with PayPal or cryptocurrency.

    • When do I receive the account data?

      We send all the data for accessing the account immediately after receiving the payment. Bitcoin payment can take from several minutes to a couple of hours. The payment by PayPal will be proceeded in a few minutes.

    All your questsions are very important to us.

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    • Izaak

      I had a great experience with Royalgram. I purchased an account and received the login details within minutes. Great service!

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      Great customer service! They are always quick to respond and very helpful.

    • Mohammad

      I was able to find a suitable Instagram account on Royalgram, but the prices were a bit higher than I anticipated. However, I appreciated the safety and security guarantees offered by the team.

    • Sam

      I was a bit sceptical at first, but Royalgram delivered exactly what they promised. My new Insta account is thriving, thanks!

    • Genter

      Good service

    • Jeremy

      I`ve bought here account with 300k followers. Fast and legal service.

    • Nick

      They are legit

    • Olga

      Not bad. I had to wait for payment confirmation to get the account. Fortunately, I got all the data to sign in to Instagram

    • Ada

      TOP customer support. I recommend this service.

    • Johny

      It’s great to communicate on WA. I got all the answers to my questions very fast.

    Latest articles and news.

    To make the process of Instagram accounts purchase even more effective, we regularly add useful tips and recommendations in our blog.

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    Be the first to get useful information about Instagram and unique offers from Royalgram.

    You can buy an Instagram account with the desired number of followers and continue to promote it or rebrand the page. Instagram Accounts for Sale is an alternative to long-term promotion from scratch.

    According to statistics, 1 billion people use Instagram every month in 2021. At the same time, over 80% of people use it to search for products and services. Thus, a high-quality and well-developed account is a great advantage for businesses offering numerous brand promotion opportunities. Due to a large number of users and serious competition, it is very difficult today to promote pages, especially for business goals. So Royalgram is a great opportunity.

    Buying an Instagram Account Always Worth It

    Buying an Ig account is beneficial for everyone. However, for some people, it may be better to buy a small account with 1,000 followers, while for others a 1 mln page would be preferable. The main thing is to understand why you are buying an account and what you are going to do with it in the future.

    Why is it beneficial? Let us explain. Purchasing an Instagram account will allow you to start gathering your audience not from scratch, but from a higher point. At the very least, it will raise your profile in the eyes of all users. After all, as practice shows, Instagram users subscribe to accounts with a large audience much faster. In the best-case scenario, you will get a ready target audience and will be able to immediately start working with it.

    Buying an Instagram account is a good solution for many purposes.

    • Business promotion;
    • Maintaining a personal blog;
    • Profitable presentation of an online store;
    • Offering the services of photographers and models;
    • Demonstrating art;
    • etc.

    In some cases, this is all you need to do, but in most situations, it does not exempt you from further organic page promotion.


    Buy an Instagram account on Royalgram, make your best choice

    Royalgram is the first official online store of Instagram accounts. The important thing is, we do not act as intermediaries between different sellers and buyers. All accounts belong to us, so we quickly answer all your questions and guarantee the reliability of each purchase.

    This feature of our store ensures high-quality service. After all, we have been working on our reputation for years. Thus, our team began to effectively develop numerous Instagram accounts as soon as in 2014. At that time, page promotion required much less effort, so we managed to develop many accounts and reach +20 thousand followers on one account. We sold our own accounts on marketplaces and found loyal customers who still trust us. In 2020, a large account database and considerable sales experience became the main reasons for the creation of Royalgram.

    We are now putting a lot of effort into this project and are doing our best to keep our customers satisfied.


    How Much Does It Cost to Buy an Instagram Account?

    Instagram Accounts for Sale have many different characteristics, which form the prices. Main factors – the number of followers, engagement rate, niche, audience characteristics, and so on. If you need an inexpensive account, consider the Cheap Followers section. It mainly includes the IG accounts with mixed country followers from Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Since the promotion in these countries takes less time and requires less effort, we can set lower account prices. If you are looking for really high-quality accounts, pay attention to more expensive offers.

    How Much Is an Instagram Account With 100k Followers Worth in 2021?

    In our catalogue, you can find Instagram accounts for sale for $700–$1,200. But the price can reach $2,000.

    How Much Is an Instagram Account With 50k Followers Worth in 2021?

    Accounts with 50k followers are sold at $350-$800, but their price can reach $1,800.

    All prices are listed in the Royalgram catalog. Please also note that we often offer promotions and favorable deals to our customers. If you want to buy an Instagram account, but would like a slightly lower price, please contact us, and we will meet you halfway.


    Instagram Accounts for Sale by Order

    Buy instagram account with required charachteristics after filling in the short form. If you cannot find the desired page, you can make an individual order and specify the necessary parameters. If possible, we will find a suitable one among our unpublished items or our partner pages. In this case, if you happen to like the partner account, we still buy it ourselves, check all the nuances, put it in order if necessary, and send you all the account details after your payment. Thus, you can always count on Royalgram information support as well as service reliability and speed.


    Get Started and Buy Instagram Account

    In 2021, SMM requires a lot of effort and time. We understand that. That is why we offer to buy an Instagram account from us. This way, your Instagram space will start working for you much faster, and you will be able to spend more time on more important things.

    Any questions left?
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    If you decided to buy an Instagram account on our website,Β  we`ll be happy to help you. We`re ready to provide all the necessary information to make you satisfied with our cooperation. Also, please keep in mind that you can:

    • Order an Instagram account according to your own parameters.
    • Get informational and technical support for an Instagram account purchase.
    • Find Instagram accounts for sale with high engagement.


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